UEFA Euro 2012 Video Game Trailer, England National Team [VIDEO]

The England national team is such a polarizing topic. Either you love them or hate them. And that’s just speaking for the people who live in England, nevermind the rest of the world.

Some days, I wonder if the England national team is more popular in the United States than in its home country, but that’s another topic for another time. Here, instead, we have a video trailer hot off the presses from EA Sports for the UEFA Euro 2012 video game, which was released this week to FIFA 12 users as downloadable content.

The game is available as a trial if you want to try it before you buy it. Unfortunately, though, the demo is restricted to either Germany or Spain.

6 thoughts on “UEFA Euro 2012 Video Game Trailer, England National Team [VIDEO]”

  1. I have this expansion pack, cost 20 bucks from ps3 online store.

    Its no different to the main fifa game.

    The most anoying thing is it doesn’t let you “pick” your squad, it gives you options from a predetermined selection. eg; they recognize Scott Parker as captain, but won’t let you select Kyle Walker, or ox chamberlin, into the squad let alone in the starting eleven.

    It feels way to restrictive, especially for something that is an add on to the main game where it has all the info and stats on every club player, what is the problem with making your own England squad? It s not like a a huge departure from reality to make that selection anyway. it’s a video game, especially as their is no england manager?

    For all ea knows I could pick the exact squad the manager ends up doing.

    I’ll guess il have to just be satisfied with the squad I have and beating Spain every time. Seriously, people after 6 games as England ive only encounterd people being Spain. Sad sad sad.

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