UCL: The Allianz Arena

The Champions League tie in Barcelona is special for a number of reasons. Not only are the players representing their clubs, but on a more personal level they are fighting for the chance to step onto the pitch, in Munich, just weeks from now.

allianz – chelsea colours 300x145 UCL: The Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena is a fitting place for this years final. With so many narrative-threads in the semi-finals, converging on Germany seems like a perfect end for the teams which define the modern era in four unique ways. Should Chelsea make it through tonight, here is what we can expect in Germany:

inside the allianz 300x197 UCL: The Allianz Arena


As the teams prepare, in the dressing room. Fans will file in and likely have a view like this.
allianz arena interior 300x197 UCL: The Allianz ArenaWill Lampard, Terry and Nando be lacing up in here?

allianz arena tunnel 300x200 UCL: The Allianz ArenaThey will step out of the tunnel and into this:

allianz arena pitchview 300x199 UCL: The Allianz ArenaShould they win, the views will be unimaginable.

2 thoughts on “UCL: The Allianz Arena”

  1. Terry sure as hell wont be lacing up in there, and Ramires, Meireles, and Ivanović wont be either because a stupid rule that needs to be changed. I think a straight red should keep you out of the final that you pic up in the semifinal but yellow card accumulation should not.

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