Watch Clint Dempsey’s 22 Goals From the 2011-12 Season [VIDEO]

US international Clint Dempsey is having the season of his life in England, and has netted 16 goals in the Premier League this season. Plus, 22 in all competitions. One dutiful person has assembled them all into one video (watch it quickly before the authorities decide to remove the video).

Last week, I made an appearance on TalkSport Radio in the United Kingdom, and they joked with me that I was acting as Dempsey’s agent such was the way I was playing him up as well as sharing my advice that he should wait and see this summer to find out who will offer him and Fulham the best deal to take Dempsey to the next level, and to play in the Champions League.

Dempsey’s next match for Fulham is next Saturday at home against Wigan Athletic. Dempsey has five matches left this season to try to reach the 20 Premier League goals in a season barrier. If he hits that number, then he will substantially increase his value as a proven goalscorer in the top league in the world.

If/when Dempsey does leave Fulham, where do you think he’ll end up? Vote below and then share your opinions in the comments section.

10 thoughts on “Watch Clint Dempsey’s 22 Goals From the 2011-12 Season [VIDEO]”

  1. I’ve been thinking about if Dempsey should leave Fulham for a while. While it would be great to see him with a big club, if he’s not going to be a regular would it beneficial to him?

    It seems hard to see him staying at Fulham after the season he’s putting together and if Fulham was ever going to move him in a transfer his value would never be bigger than it will this summer.

    Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

  2. He should stay, Jol will bring in some very good talent this summer and continue to bring out the best in Dempsey and push for them to get to europe. his form improved dramatically after Zamora left, if he does go, if he is crazy enough to make the move then Everton wouldn’t surprise me, and probably the best choice.

    1. Reply to my own comment to mention that Dempsey probably won’t ever leave Fulham. I will be very surprised if he does.

    2. The Premier League police shut that video down pretty quickly unfortunately because it contains footage from the Premier League (god forbid someone tries to promote the league).

      The Gaffer

    1. They understand new media… shame it’s only when people are paying them obscene amounts of money for the privilege though!

        1. Clearly I’m going to cancel my subscription and cancel my cable (with ESPN) because I got the opportunity to watch this video. Once I do that, then both companies will pay less to license the games, and once that happens, well clearly the EPL is going bankrupt.

          See, a direct line between me watching this video and the EPL losing their shirts.

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