Chelsea Adds Philadelphia to their US Summer Tour Schedule With MLS All-Star Game

Chelsea FC will be the opponents in the 2012 MLS All-Star Game on July 25 at PPL Park in Chester, PA at the stadium of Philadelphia Union, as was first rumored three weeks ago on EPL Talk and confirmed by FOX Soccer today.

The match against a MLS All-Star Team will be Chelsea’s second appearance in a MLS All-Star Game. Their last appearance was in 2006 when the Blues were defeated 1-0 by a Dwayne De Rosario goal in Chicago. This will be the seventh time in the last eight years that a Premier League club has played in the MLS All-Star Team.

Chelsea’s schedule of games for their 2012 summer tour of the United States includes:

  • July 18 against Seattle Sounders (Seattle, WA)
  • July 25 against MLS All-Star Team (Chester, PA)
  • July 28 against AC Milan (Landover, MD) — although we’re still waiting for Chelsea to officially confirm the date even though they previously announced it on their website but then deleted the page.

Chelsea is also supposed to play Celtic at Yankee Stadium in New York, but a date hasn’t been finalized as of press time.

In addition to Chelsea, other Premier League clubs will be playing friendlies in the United States this summer including Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa.

What are your thoughts about Chelsea playing in the 18,500 capacity PPL Park near Philadelphia? Are you planning on buying tickets? How do you think Chelsea will do this summer against the MLS All-Star team? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

22 thoughts on “Chelsea Adds Philadelphia to their US Summer Tour Schedule With MLS All-Star Game”

  1. I was hoping for the headline “MLS finally cancels the stupid and meaningless ‘All Star Game'”.
    Get rid of that thing!

      1. On the other hand if it’s a PR tool that may get more Americans to watch why not have it? I mean come on…Chelsea DID LOSE to the MLS All Stars last time they played right?

        1. The games are meaningless in terms of the results. A lot of MLS fans live and die by the results and shout from the rooftops whenever a MLS team beats an EPL team. But they’re friendlies and friendlies, while entertaining, don’t have any meaning or relevance.

          It’s a PR tool for MLS to promote the league, its sponsors and stadiums. But I’m not convinced it gets more Americans to watch MLS.

          The Gaffer

          1. Yeah…I dunno, you may be right…and sadly the fact that it’s a mid week game doesn’t help much either. Now, the results part…hmmm. I mean if you are putting your ‘MLS best’ in front of one European team and you win, that is a small victory even if it’s nothing more than bragging rights….heheheh

            At the same time though when you think about it, when have All Star games been relevant? That’s part of the reason why US sports have started tinkering around in some sports with results giving some relevance on the effect of the whole season for playoffs.

            Now….maybe what the MLS could consider doing is possibly have an ACTUAL All Star game (east v west…yes we do have a fascination for these types of games…) where the winners determine home field advantage of playoff teams from their division and have a separate friendly like they do now against the European team that comes to visit.

            Just a thought!

          2. The only reason the MLB did that was because one all-star game ended in a tie because they ran out of pitching and they didn’t want anybody getting hurt in an exibition game. It is not a fascination it’s a gimic to try and get people to watch because nobody cares about the all-star games anymore.

          3. CTBlues,

            I agree it’s a gimmick but somewhere out there, there are people that pay attention one way or another. Take the gimmick and make it useful by providing a reward and somehow it may become more compelling.

            (BTW I don’t pay attention to the MLB but) since making the All Star game having an effect of home field advantage for a team, has there been any teams that benefited from this rule? Yes

            Per Wikipdeia:

            “To provide additional incentive for victory, Major League Baseball reached an agreement with the players union to award home-field advantage for the World Series to the champion of the league that won the All-Star Game, for 2003 to 2004.[1] Since then, the agreement was extended twice, in 2005 and 2006, after which it was made permanent.[15] Previously, home-field advantage in the World Series alternated between the two leagues each year. The American League took advantage of the new rule in each of its first seven years: between 2003 and 2009, the American League won four series and the National League won three. The National League champion benefited from this rule for the first time in 2010.”

            The way the MLS Cup is set up, theoretically since it’s showing signs of working in the MLB, for those that are die hard soccer fans, it could work in the MLS. Whichever All Star Team wins, come the Cup finals, the division winner could possibly benefit by having game one of the 2 legs on their home ground…

            But…then that would kick out home filed advantage of the one scoring the total higher amount of point during the season…if there was a tie in points however….hmmm

    1. You know you guys don’t have to attend if you don’t want to and no one is forcing you guys to watch either. -_______-

  2. Never understood why they have the All star game in these small stadiums. I wouldn’t expect Chelsea to sell out the Linc but having this game in a 18,000 seater stadium just seems stupid to me.

    1. You think Chelsea wouldn’t sell out the Linc? Last time they played in the US there was 81k at the Rose Bowl, 71k at M&T Bank in Baltimore, and 57k at Cowboy Stadium.

  3. For a mls all star game I highly doubt it, i could be wrong though. Againt top oppostion they would probably sell out the linc.

    1. And if ya want to know the attandences of the matches without Chelsea here they are.

      Club America vs Inter at Stanford Stadium 31k

      Club America vs AC Milan at the Georgia Dome 53.6k

      Inter vs AC at Gillette Stadium 42.5k

  4. Oh and anyone who’s planning on going to this game at PPL park make sure you are bring some kind of weapon for self defence, great stadium in a horrible location.

  5. My only concern with the schedule especially since no ticket prices have been mentioned is that the Chelsea game is the SAME DAY as the Liverpool game and both stadiums are an hr away. (no big deal to some) but a lot of us here right now are waiting to find out what is going on with the Chelsea game as the price will be the determining factor for if we will stay in the area for that game or travel to Baltimore for the LFC v Spurs game.

    A few of us could really wing it if both games were a week apart.

  6. Tickets for these games are way over priced. Also when you add in the fact that Philadelphia union supporters club will get first option on buying tickets the amount of tickets that go on sale to the general
    public will be few.

    I know they want to promote the soccer specific stadiums but it seems stupid not to have it at a larger stadium and promote the game and league to more people.

  7. “Final details concerning United’s proposed friendly against an Italian club July 28 at FedEx Field should be completed by next week. My understanding is that United will play Juventus in the first game of a doubleheader featuring Chelsea vs. AC Milan.”

  8. I’m not gonna lie I would probably make the trek out east to go to some of these games and I live all the way in San Diego. If there not gonna announce any dates out west, Ill do what has to be done to support the blues.

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