England Home Shirt for 2012 Unveiled: Official Photos

England’s home shirt for 2012 has been officially unveiled by Umbro, the shirt manufacturer.

The new home England shirt for Euro 2012 will be white with red trim. It’s a simple but elegant look that’s inspired by the colors of St. George, red and white, as in the flag of England. The shirt features no hint of navy blue, which has long been a traditional color featured in many England shirts from the past.

The crest and Umbro logo, as well as the trim of the collar, are all in red. It’s the type of simplistic but elegant design that Umbro has been renowned for, during the past several years. And this one is no exception.

While the shirt looks simple but beautiful, it does have more detail than first meets the eye, as seen below in the design of the collar:

The Three Lions crest, too, looks more impressive on closer inspection, as seen below.

And finally, here’s a photo of England’s change shorts (for home matches):

What are your thoughts about the England shirt? Is this a shirt you’re planning on buying? And can you see England going far, wearing it in the Euro 2012 tournament?

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