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England Home Shirt for 2012 Unveiled: Official Photos

England Home 2012 Short Sleeve Shirt England Home Shirt for 2012 Unveiled: Official Photos

England’s home shirt for 2012 has been officially unveiled by Umbro, the shirt manufacturer.

The new home England shirt for Euro 2012 will be white with red trim. It’s a simple but elegant look that’s inspired by the colors of St. George, red and white, as in the flag of England. The shirt features no hint of navy blue, which has long been a traditional color featured in many England shirts from the past.

The crest and Umbro logo, as well as the trim of the collar, are all in red. It’s the type of simplistic but elegant design that Umbro has been renowned for, during the past several years. And this one is no exception.

While the shirt looks simple but beautiful, it does have more detail than first meets the eye, as seen below in the design of the collar:

England Home shirt 2012 collar England Home Shirt for 2012 Unveiled: Official Photos

The Three Lions crest, too, looks more impressive on closer inspection, as seen below.

England Home shirt 2012 red crest England Home Shirt for 2012 Unveiled: Official Photos

england home shorts England Home Shirt for 2012 Unveiled: Official Photos

england home socks England Home Shirt for 2012 Unveiled: Official Photos

And finally, here’s a photo of England’s change shorts (for home matches):

england change shorts England Home Shirt for 2012 Unveiled: Official Photos

What are your thoughts about the England shirt? Is this a shirt you’re planning on buying? And can you see England going far, wearing it in the Euro 2012 tournament?

Share your opinions below.

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16 Responses to England Home Shirt for 2012 Unveiled: Official Photos

  1. Lee says:

    Oh boy, i feel a flood of hate for that collar coming on.

  2. Bob says:

    What colour are the shorts?

  3. Nick says:

    Franks tits are sure gonna show up in that get-up!

  4. Chicken Vindaloo says:

    Well I think it looks just dandy!
    especially like the socks.
    I enjoy Umbro’s understated designs.

  5. Cantona says:

    looks like the Poland away kit from years past… orrible..


  6. Wan says:

    What’s the star meaning?

  7. drew says:

    the star is because we won the world cup in 1966. italy have won 4 times so have 4 stars. spain have won once so also have one star.

    the collar is not nice at all.

  8. CTBlues says:

    The collar looks a bit odd. I really liked the kit from the last WC.

  9. Matt says:

    Wait, there’s a button? Really? A button?!?! They’re so ready for the charity ball circuit…

  10. trickybrkn says:

    This kit will look ace with some suspenders, rolled up jeans and some docs…

  11. Pete says:

    I like it, I never understood why we had a white and blue kit when the cross of St George is red and white.
    This is more appropriate and I think it will sell well.

  12. brn442 says:

    It will look wonderful with the red change shorts – a break with tradition but the St. Georges flag is red and white so no harm done.

  13. Debbie says:

    I think it`s it look`s better than the current one which the England team only wore 8 times! We`re used to seeing a new away kit before each major championships – at least it`s better than the away shirt-why oh why did they ditch the red one? Trouble is you pay over £40 for the shirt and in less than 2 years it will be down to £5-£10! I got a special edition red away shirt for only £5 last year!

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