Premier League Gameweek 21: Cheers and Jeers

Cheers and Jeers is a weekly column on EPL Talk, summing up the best and worst of the previous Premier League weekend. Regular columnist Matt Hackenmiller is on assignment right now attending to his newborn child, so I thought I’d step in and give my own opinions. Feel free to debate me in the comments section below.


  1. Adam Bogdan — Bolton’s goalkeeper was able to keep the scoreline against Manchester United to a rather respectable 3-0 defeat with his penalty save and other important saves.
  2. Gylfi Sigurdsson — It was difficult to pick out a man of the match for Swansea’s win against Arsenal, but instead of Nathan Dyer, I picked Sigurdsson who made his Premier League debut for the Swans when we came on in the second half. He made the crucial assist that helped Danny Graham score the winner.
  3. Michael Carrick — Paul Scholes may have scored the opening goal for Manchester United, but Carrick was the player who stood out for me. Not only did he score a trademark Carrick goal, but his sublime pass to Danny Welbeck in the opening minutes showed that he still has the vision.
  4. Steve Morison — Norwich City again got a crucial away victory, this time against West Brom, courtesy of a headed goal at the back post from Morison.
  5. Steven Nzonzi — His lob pass to give Formica the chance to make it 3-1 for Blackburn was beautiful to see.
  6. Steven Fletcher — Another Steven, but this one helped Wolves get their opening goal against Tottenham Hotspur.
  7. Landon Donovan — The US international’s defense-splitting pass to Victor Anichebe had manager David Moyes foaming at the mouth.
  8. Blackburn Rovers — Ten men for most of the game, but they still managed to convincingly beat Fulham 3-1 at home to keep the wolves at bay.
  9. Leon Best — With Demba Ba in Africa, up stepped Leon Best to slot in the important goal to give the Magpies the one-nil victory.
  10. Joe Hart — How many times is he going to save Manchester City? Everyone talks about David Silva, but if it wasn’t for Hart, City would be far lower in the table. Against Wigan, late in the game, he came up with another brilliant one-on-one save.
  1. Dirk Kuyt — Unable to score from six yards from a header, Kuyt is struggling with confidence and desperately needs some goals to regain his form.
  2. Arsene Wenger — Isn’t it time someone at Arsenal told him to stop wearing them ridiculous over-sized sleeping bag coat on the touchline?
  3. Martin Atkinson — The referee failed to send off Maynor Figueroa fot blatantly handling a ball and stopping Manchester City from a goal-scoring opportunity. Luckily for Atkinson, City won the game. Otherwise the furor would have been intense.
  4. Bolton Wanderers — In the crunch game from a few weeks ago when Bolton got that vital win against Blackburn at Ewood Park, Blackburn has been the one who has gone on to do better with wins against Manchester United and Fulham, while Bolton only has the win against Fulham.
  5. Shaun Derry — The QPR footballer was lucky not to be sent off for his foul on Cabaye on Sunday.

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        The actual page when you click links though – nothing wrong

        regardless of the unfavorable design IMO – i still keep coming back cause I enjoy the site.


  1. jeer to the reason wenger got jeered….do it because of his refusal to buy cover to add depth to his squad, not because he wears a big coat…

  2. Jeers to the author for not recognising the well-deserved cheers to Swansea for beating Arsenal.

    Jeers to Daglish for poor team selection and still unable to get his tactics right at home against teams that go there to defend. Under Daglish who has spent a fortune on players the team plays with a midtable mentality and will end up in 7th or 8th.

    Cheers to Brendan Rogers for sticking with his pass and move tactics that his players are able to execute with eye-pleasing results. Rogers is my EPL manager of the year.

    1. Steven, I gave cheers to Swansea in the second item listed under the cheers section. I wanted to identify one player out of all of the wonderful performances from Swansea rather than the whole team itself (which would have been too easy).

      The Gaffer

  3. amen on the Wenger coat it looks like he is a stripper so after the show he can throw on the coat and gather up his i think he had gas on Sunday nobody wanted to sit next to him just my opinion.Enjoy

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