Borussia Dortmund Signs Marco Reus; Player To Join Club After Season Ends

When I was in Germany back in December, I watched an interview with Bayern Munich’s Sporting Director Christian Nerlinger. Part of the discussion revolved around Bayern’s interest in the newest young German football star, Marco Reus, who Bayern executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge termed “a person of interest.” Nerlinger stated that when Bayern Munich wanted a player that they had certain ways and means to acquire them. Well it seems that Mr. Nerlinger did not anticipate Dortmund being equally as hungry (and aggressive) for the youngster as they were.

My fan-heart certainly skipped a beat when it came across the various e-medias that Reus decided to join Borussia Dortmund after this season for the fixed transfer fee of 17.1 million Euros. I am certain that Bayern could have offered more money in a salary sense, but nobody should be surprised by Reus’s decision. Reus was born in Dortmund, where his entire family, plus girlfriend live. He even played in the BVB youth squads until 2006 when he moved to Ahlen (just like his future (and past) teammate Kevin Großkreutz).

But this was not just a move of the heart that showed character and that family is more important than riches to some. It was also the practical choice. Dortmund, unlike Mönchengladbach, is almost guaranteed to play in the Champions League next season and gives Reus the best chances to make the needed development in his career to be one of the top German players for years to come. In Dortmund, unlike Bayern, Reus is almost guaranteed to start in most matches. Bayern has Robben, Ribery, and Thomas Müller ahead of him in the pecking order and Reus has too much playing ambition to sit on the bench most days, jeopardize his career outlook and end up frustrated, as happened with Lukas Podolski and Jan Schlaudraff in the past.

Overall, this is a great move for all; Reus, Dortmund, the Bundesliga and even the German national team. It adds more complexity and competition to the championship race for years to come by giving Dortmund another fantastic young playmaker, and makes the Bundesliga much more attractive. Plus, his furthered growth in a top club will certainly benefit Germany as well.


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