EPL Talk Podcast: Open Thread

The weekend has been an emotional roller-coaster for so many reasons, so what do you make of the action so far?

  • Spurs success – Part of the North London dominance, but what about their opponents?
  • Who deserved their red this weekend?
  • United’s power to underwhelm is growing.
  • What do you make of the international draw?

Share your view and compare with other people before the podcast is recorded, if you have a view point: express it!

4 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast: Open Thread”

  1. Some recommended discussion points:

    1. Which injury is going to hurt his team worse? Steven Taylor/Newcastle, Lucas Leiva/Liverpool or Chicharito/United?

    2. With England getting the luck of the draw for Euro 2012, does that mean that their supporters (and the British press) will be setting themselves up for failure again by expecting the team to cruise through to the latter stages of the tournament?

    3. Stoke, despite their poor run of form in the Premier League this season, are — incredibly — in eighth position and they’ve now qualified for the final 32 of the Europa League. With the important win today against Stoke, have the Potters done enough to prove that they can fight on both fronts (in the Premier League and in Europe)?

    The Gaffer

  2. I think Lucas at Liverpool is the most damaging injury (all are damaging obviously) I think MU can move players around better especialy Rooney, I don’t see a player in the LP midfield that gives them what Lucas gave them. NC is thin so any injury will hurt them and Taylor was a key to a very connected back line-

    I don’t see Stoke doing much more than what they are already doing 8-12 PL and respectable in Europa League but the trail ends in group stages, they may get close

  3. Lucas Leiva’s injury will hurt Liverpool more than the other teams with injuries. He has been exceptional in his defensive midfield role for the past year. Not sure Liverpool have anyone to do what Lucas did.

    Newcastle will miss Steven Taylor as he and Coloccini have been terrififc together. With Tiote returning from injury the team will strenghten in midfield which will help the team even if it does not help them defensively. As long as Collocini is playing at 100% Newcastle can cope.

    Chicarito’s injury isn’t as bad to United nor is it as bad that he will miss the entire season. United can cope without him as Welbeck can do the job while Chicarito is not playing.

    Liverpool is hurt the most with the season-ending injury to Lucas while United is hurt the least with the 2-3 week injury to Chicarito.

  4. More talking points….

    1. Who is a bigger bust thus far? Nasri or Andy Carroll?

    2. Does Alex Mcleish use the most boring tactics in world football?

    3. Is Newcastle for real (in spite of their loss)?

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