Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 14: Open Thread


Today is a massive day for several Premier League clubs. Chelsea must win today against Newcastle United to keep the pressure off Andre Villas-Boas leading up to Tuesday’s must-win game against Valencia. Villas-Boas claims there’s no pressure on him to be sacked, but we all know what Roman Abramovich is like. A sell-out crowd of 51,000 at St. James’ Park, meanwhile, will be roaring Newcastle on to victory.

In other games today, Blackburn has a must-win against Swansea in their biggest match of the season against Swansea. As a Swansea fan, I don’t have a good feeling about today. This one means so much more to Rovers than it does to the Swans. Tottenham Hotspur take on Bolton Wanderers in a game where you would expect Spurs to walk through this one to victory, or will they?

Meanwhile, Manchester City take on Norwich at the Etihad Stadium, Wigan battle Arsenal at the DW Stadium, while QPR play West Brom.

The late kick-off today is Aston Villa against Manchester United.

Before, during and after today’s games, post your questions, observations, rants and raves in the comments section below.

12 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 14: Open Thread”

  1. Does anyone have insight into why AVB isn’t starting with Meireles…again? There’s absolutely no stability anywhere on the pitch for them and he would lend a degree of patience and tenacity that is sorely lacking.

    1. Not sure to be honest with you Aaron. Lampard comes on for Meireles. Perhaps he thought Lampard would be a better penalty kick taker? 😉

      So far, it’s a very entertaining game. Lots of end-to-end action.

      The Gaffer

  2. I thought Mike Dean made the correct decision in giving David Luiz a yellow card in the first half. If Ba had control of the ball and he was running toward the goal with only Cech to beat, it would have been a red card. But as it was, the ball was well in advance of Ba and Cech would have got to it first no matter what happened.

    The Gaffer

    1. Mike Dean has admitted he should have given a red. For such a self confessed football fan I’m surprised you didn’t say that yourself in the first place Gaffer instead of saying he was correct for giving a yellow

  3. Newcastle/Chelsea is a joy to watch for the neutral, high tempo, very open football on display. A couple of points: Mata is a very intelligent player, what a buy for Chelsea. Mike Dean’s decision in the opening minutes was the wrong one and a game changer: Luis takes Ba down, no attempt to play the ball, Ba is going one-on-one with Czech, this is a clear cut red card…

    1. I don’t see how NOT giving a red was a “game changer”. Ba was running to the ball and never had any kind of control. Giving a straight red in the 4th minute would have a detriment to the game, it not terribly enjoyable to watch 11 v 10 for the better part of 85 minutes. Giving a red would have changed the game for the worse. Newcastle had their chances during the match, Dean made the right choice.

      1. We play football according to the rules… Just because you don’t think it would have been great TV viewing watching 11 v 10 it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have been a red card! Go read the rules properly and you’ll see he got that decision completely wrong. If a red card needs to be given in the first 10 seconds then it gets given – we don’t hold back just for the benefit of people’s enjoyment sat on the sofa.

  4. Fantastic win for the Arsenal today. 4-0 should have been the result last December. Ah well.

    And today, Man City scored 5 goals with 5 different scorers with 5 different players assisting. 8 players directly played a part in their goals. Teamwork is certainly not a problem.

  5. I would like to take this moment to complain about… again. I carefully avoided the Blackburn/Swansea result all day yesterday. I sit down this morning, log in, and start up the match. After two minutes the video froze, then jumped ahead to the 88th minute. What the hell. Now I’m watching almost a full 90 minutes knowing the result (aside from maybe a miracle at the end)

    I’m so glad I paid $160 a year for this service.

  6. I’m afraid the “glory days” are over, at least for this year for Manchester United or should I say “One goal United.” There is no way to compete with the City juggernaut and this will continue until they realize they need a legitimate midfielder such as Golze. I think De Gea should return to Spain and finish high school and leave football for men to play. So long Red Devils, you had a good run but it’s over now.

    1. You say “at least for this year” but as far as we know it could be over for the foreseeable future! Liverpool won everything there was to win back in the 80s and nobody thought for a second they’d not win the league again… like I always say, football goes in circles and there’s always a dominant side and I reckon United have had their day now. It’s about time as well because they’ve over stayed their welcome… plus it’ll give Liverpool some extra time to level it back up at 19 haha 😉

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