Feuerstein’s Fire #81

Tuesday, November 29th 8PM EDT – 5PM PDT

Guests: Yvan Delia-LaVictorie of Lefooter discusses Montreal Impact Expansion draft

Robert Jonas reviews San Jose Earthquakes season

Michael Orr of Brand New Made In Portland Show

Ben Massey of 86 Forever SB Nation Blog on the Vancouver Whitecaps

Discussing more Qatar World Cup Negatives

Reviewing David Beckham’s stay in MLS

Listen to the show live.

2 thoughts on “Feuerstein’s Fire #81”

  1. Daniel- I enjoyed your podcast. I think you Beckham – Keane
    comparison is not valid, Keane hasn’t been around long enough to
    start missing games so we can only judge him on first appearences.
    On that basis, he is no Beckham- Beckham’s first appearences in MLS
    were really sobering for me; he was at such a higher level than
    most of the league. Over the years, Beckham certainly missed too
    many games, and for that reason I’m not saying he was the best in
    the league; but, when he was on the pitch, few players in this
    league were as good. Angel and Donovan for sure, Blanco too; but
    not many others.

  2. That’s fine Tom. I can understand that. Maybe Robbie Keane is not
    the right example, but I still believe that the other DP’s who have
    been in the league or are still here have done more than Beckham

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