A Television Guide To The MLS Cup Quarterfinals

 Tomorrow, the meat of the MLS Cup Playoffs begin, and we can look forward to seeing all of the matches televised. Some of us, that is.

ESPN publicized their plans for the Quarterfinals today. ESPN2 will be airing both legs of the Titanic Budget Derby, also known as the Los Angeles Galaxy versus the New York Red Bulls. For the return leg of that quarterfinal ESPN will enlist the services their lead play-by-play voice, Ian Darke. The Worldwide Leader will also broadcast both legs of the Houston Dynamo/Philadelphia Union quarterfinal, plus the return leg of Seattle Sounders and Real Salt Lake.

That leaves FOX Soccer with three out of the eight Quarterfinal matches. They will air both legs of Sporting Kansas City/Colorado Rapids quarterfinal, as well as the first leg of Seattle/Real Salt Lake. I presume that their lead broadcast team of J.P. Dellacamera and Kyle Martino will handle the duties.

Count DirecTV subscribers among those who will be relieved that ESPN2 is carrying the bulk of these matches, including three of the four return legs. The satellite carrier is currently in a major fee battle with FOX. There is a fair possibility that DirecTV customers will lose FOX Soccer (as well as other FOX cable networks) on November 1st until an agreement is reached. As a subscriber myself, I am left to hope that the two companies can iron out the differences this weekend, otherwise this stalemate could be a major blow for many soccer fans across the country.

Here is a synopsis of when and where to watch the MLS Cup Quarterfinals over the next week (all times Eastern Daylight Time):

Saturday, Oct. 29

Real Salt Lake v. Seattle Sounders – 10 PM, FOX Soccer, J.P. Dellacamera/Kyle Martino

Sunday, Oct. 30:

Red Bull New York v. Los Angeles Galaxy – 3 PM, ESPN2, Adrian Healey/John Harkes

Philadelphia Union v. Houston Dynamo – 5 PM, ESPN2, Rob Stone/Taylor Twellman

Colorado Rapids v. Sporting Kansas City – 7 PM , FOX Soccer, Dellacamera/Martino

Wednesday, Nov. 2:

Sporting Kansas City v. Colorado Rapids – 8 PM, FOX Soccer, Dellacamera/Martino

Seattle Sounders v. Real Salt Lake – 10 PM, ESPN2, Healey/Harkes

Thursday, Nov. 3:

Houston Dynamo v. Philadelphia Union – 8 PM, ESPN2, Healey/Twellman

Los Angeles Galaxy v. Red Bull New York – 10 PM, ESPN2, Ian Darke/Harkes

5 thoughts on “A Television Guide To The MLS Cup Quarterfinals”

  1. Remember the urgency that marked the Dal/NY and Col/Cbus games?
    Well that won’t happen until the midweek games. But as much as I
    wish this round would be one game at the higher seed’s home, I know
    that the Don wants one home playoff game for as many teams as
    possible. If I’m the Wizards or the Gals, I’d try to be more
    offensive in the last 20 minutes since I know their opponents have
    played recently. Ugh, a tired wild card team against the conference
    champions…someday the league will get these playoffs right.

  2. I always thought home field advantage was getting to play the first
    game at home and not be on the road. Galaxy have to fly across the
    country and play there first game in NJ. doesn’t sound like home
    field advantage to me.

    1. It is better to have the 2nd game at home. Both CONCACAF and UEFA
      do their Champions Leagues that way. I think everyone does. It
      probably matters less in MLS because your in the same country and
      going to a familiar stadium.

  3. I believe home advantage is having the 2nd game at home…2 years
    ago, Fulham of the EPL upended Juventus at home in the 2nd game of
    that series, the thing is, they were down about 3 goals on the
    aggregate going into that game, this is the same scenario with the
    Seattle Sounders who I think is one of the MLS’s premier teams but
    they find themselves down by 3 goals. Ordinarily, you would think
    that is a margin that would be too difficult to overcome but it has
    been done. I believe in the English Championship League, they have
    a playoff for the last promotion spot between the 3rd-6th place
    teams. I think in those series, the 1st game is at home of the
    lower placed team (say 6th) and the 2nd game at home of the higher
    placed team (3rd).

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