Poll: Which is the Biggest Derby in the Premier League?

This weekend’s schedule of Premier League games features a few derbies, which are always hotly contested matches. You’ve got the tense match between Everton and Liverpool to kick the weekend off on Saturday. Fulham plays QPR on Sunday morning, while Tottenham takes on Arsenal in the late kick-off on Sunday.

Recently it’s been the clash between Spurs and Arsenal which has the most entertaining of the Premier League derbies. But what do you think? Which derby would you say is the biggest one in the Premier League? Vote below.

7 thoughts on “Poll: Which is the Biggest Derby in the Premier League?”

  1. In terms of quality, then Arsenal – Spurs, City – United are big games.

    However, in terms of passion, noise, feeling, anticipation. It has to be the Tyne – Wear derby. Both sets of fans are passionate as hell and that derby means alot up there, trust me.
    Celtic and Rangers is only bigger than this cause of religion.

  2. The most passionate is definitely Sunderland-Newcastle. Everton-Liverpool is next but the two groups of fans aren’t as nasty to one another as the Tyneside derby. In terms of on-field entertainment Spurs-Arsenal produces the best football.

    If Manchester City continue to stay at the top for a while then in time the Manchester derby will become very contentious. Right now Manchester United vs Liverpool produces more passion between supporters and players than does the Manchester derby.

  3. Tbh, Man Utd vs Man City derbies have been too cagey especially of recent as neither team wants to loose and they just kinda sit back and defend. Arsenal Vs Spurs has been the most entertaining imo and you can see that with the scorelines – 4-4, 3-2, 3-3, 4-1 etc all recently (including Carling cup). As for Liverpool vs Everton, while there is some quality football played, there is usually an overflow in emotions and 13 red cards in 15 derby matches says it all. The tyne ware derby kicks ass. as in literally. too many fouls and its kinda hard to watch at times. West Brom vs Wolves is good but nothing special tbh. A bit like Villa – Birmingham. Haven’t seen a lot of QPR vs Fulham but Vs Chelsea is good at times. Anyways, it sure will be a heck of a derby weekend!

  4. I PROMISE you all it’s Wolves Albion. You don’t hear much about it because they try and keep it hidden away.
    It’s that heated.
    In terms of rivalry between the two sets of supporters it is the most fierce and hate fuelled derby game. It tops such contests as Liverpool Everton which is nothing more than a friendly joust between mates, do they still sit in the same stand?? God forbid!
    The Manchester Derby is anything but as only the City fans are actually from Manchester, which defuncts the locality issue.
    Fulham are too just too nice to hate anyone, including Chelsea. There’s something about that Cottage which just connotes a nice gentle, welcoming atmosphere.
    If this is not a contest for mindless thuggery then I am well and truly mistaken,
    but it is worth a mention that our last meeting at the Hawthorns in February saw a nice Wizard of Oz style comparison play out……. bottles and flares and chairs, oh my!

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