David De Gea Gets Nabbed For Stealing Donut From Tesco

MMMMMMMM……..forbidden donut.

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea, whose shaky start in the Prem has supporters nervously munching on their prawn sandwiches, was caught scarfing a doughnut without paying for it. 

De Gea and two pals allegedly entered a Tesco’s outside Manchester where they each selected a tasty treat from a Krispy Kreme display case. They were then detained without further incident after trying to leave the store without paying for them.

De Gea’s crime becomes more understandable considering just how tempting a good donut can be. After all, Homer Simpson once traded his very soul for one. 

All joking aside, this silly little incident won’t help the young Spaniard’s acclimation into the league. It’s a hard truth of the game we love, great players are forgiven for almost any transgression, poor players, well, they should be seen on the pitch and heard nowhere else.


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