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FIFA 12′s Best Kept Secret (Video)

The most important reason I’m excited about the upcoming launch of FIFA 12 is not the gameplay action or the impressive graphics. Instead it’s the EA Sports Football Club, a novel idea that takes a video game and adds a massive element of gamification — putting a game inside a game and encouraging its users to battle with and against each other for honors.

Watch the video to learn more about the inner workings on how the concept will be executed.


Simply, the concept is that you earn points when playing the game. So, if you’re a Manchester United supporter, the points you earn from the game will be combined with points from other people from around the world who also support United. There are checks and balances in place to make it fair to fans of all clubs around the world, but the end result is a weekly league table that crowns the most successful club courtesy of video game players from around the world.

There’s much more to it, but I think the idea is marvelous. It puts you, the player, into the game in a way that has never been experienced before. It makes the games more meaningful. It uses technology to connect you with supporters of your favorite club from around the world. The “Support Your Club” feature of EA Sports Football Club brings a whole new twist to the concept of playing a video game. To me, it’s a game-changer.

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22 Responses to FIFA 12′s Best Kept Secret (Video)

  1. birgisson says:


    Now the fans of multiple clubs must decide if they support Barcelona, Milan or Arsenal.

    Come on, choose one!

  2. Ryan says:

    Maybe I’m overlooking something…but what’s the reward in all of that?

  3. bob says:

    I don’t see what’s so special about this either.

  4. MG says:

    It’s something fun and something that actually implemented (minus the online mode) in the PSP version of FIFA 11.. Little challenges like can you come back to win from being down 2-0 with 40 minutes left in the game.. little things like that and these things apparently now allot points to your club of choice. I think it’s fantastic and add a ‘game within a game’.

    Nothing but goodness. No one said it was ‘special’ and the author of the article just said it was something he was most excited about.

  5. Daniel says:

    The problem I see with this is that the number of fans increase exponentially as the club gets bigger. There will end up being a handful of teams that will completely dominate these rankings and fans of smaller clubs will be competing not to win but just to make the list at all.

    In the EPL (real life), for example, ManU could have a bad start and Bolton might be able to surpass them for a while. Even the points at the end of the season aren’t THAT disparate; the champion will have 15 or 20 more points than 4th or 5th place. That’s close enough you could hope to win next season if things go your way. But if, in FIFA, ManU has 50+ times more fans than those other teams there isn’t even a contest.

    Maybe I missed something, or maybe I need to support some bloated top team…
    Nope. COYS!

    • che says:

      watch the full video again . you will see in the end, commentator says that avg xp of player puts teams on the upper table “not total”. watch the video again.

    • Robbo says:

      If you watch the video Tyler says that to be at the top you need the best average xp so little clubs don’t get pushed out. And Man Utd may have millions of fans but the amount of xp will be obviously then divided by the millions of fans. So really it depends on how good you are at the game & at earning xp.

  6. thejam216 says:

    Yeah, if anything, teams like Man U will surely be at a disadvantage and sink to being near the bottom of the table to begin with because most people who are merely beginners and don’t know much about the sport will choose teams like Man U, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona type thing because they really don’t know much else aside from the big teams.

  7. David G says:

    The De Jong Super WWF Flying kick on Van Der Vart has me extremely worried. Why would you put that in a preview video? Is this more like an NBA Jam or NFL Blitz take on soccer or a soccer simulation? That move is difficult to pull off in wrestling where both guys are working together to make that happen let alone in open field soccer. The fact that the flying scissor kick move is a highlight from FIFA 12 makes me think that lots of other very unrealistic things are going to be present, plus the ever increasing EA glitches. (Wins turn to losses in NCAA 12…among other things)

    26 secs in

  8. Penney2011 says:

    I’m sure that this is just like what they put on the Euro 2008 game “Support Your Country” is it not? just without the leveling up stuff :/

  9. Len says:

    Sounds very similar to the support your country mode in the World Cup 2010 game, its a neat feature.

  10. David says:

    The FIFA 12 demo is out now on all systems. I checked it out last night for the PS3. I think this has to be the most realistic FIFA to date when it comes to gameplay. So far, I liked it a lot. Check it out everyone.

  11. brian says:

    It has much use actually, you n00bs. You can earn 500 xp if your team is the league champion that week….

  12. Tam says:

    I think fifa 12 is the worse fifa ever the defending is terrible the dribbling of the players impossible in real time adding to the fact if u have a inch of space from 30 yards out u can so easily put the ball in the top corner its a joke and a total waste of my money

  13. FIFA says:

    Defending only take a couple of games to get use to, if you’re so bad at the game now as you can just hold ‘x’ to tackle then you clearly should just stick to call of duty and stop moaning about the greatest game release this year!

  14. karl says:

    what if you support a team that isnt on fifa 12?

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