PES 2012 Cover Art Revealed Featuring Cristiano Ronaldo Looking Like An Old Man

A photo of the European cover art for the upcoming release of PES 2012 has been released. In it, former Manchester United legend Cristiano Ronaldo is featured on the front cover, wearing his white Real Madrid kit.

But if you peer more closely at the cover art, it looks like CR7 has aged about 10-20 years with his chiseled face and dapper hairstyle.

He certainly looks much older in the above photo than his current age of 26.

11 thoughts on “PES 2012 Cover Art Revealed Featuring Cristiano Ronaldo Looking Like An Old Man”

  1. lol. well according to madrid’s marca, cristiano is wise now and he showed his maturity by not being involved in any of the altercations and incidents after last week’s copa final… i say he may me mature, but hes still a d#ck :)

  2. He’s had sleepless nights about his team chasing shadows whenever it played Barcelona, whether it was with Manchester United in Rome or his experiences at seeing Barcelona outshine Madrid every time they’ve played eachother since his arrival in Spain. That’s why he’s gotten old.

  3. Aww, all quite wizzer chums aren’t ya?! I’m straight and the man looks mint, back on the pizza and porn sites, lonely knob heads.

  4. well every onelove ronaldo and pesmake messi all the time acover to the game since 4 years so let ronaldo take it this year konami

  5. im a bit iffy on the cover maybe konami should change it .. dont know really.

    But the First PES demo for me is great stuff , im addicted.. roll on october 14th.

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