London’s Burning

Talk about bad timing. Zippo, the American lighter brand, chose this week to unveil their lighters that feature the crests of four of the Premier League’s biggest clubs.

The irony is that in the same week that Zippo releases these, London was in flames while major cities in the rest of England also were the victims of civil unrest. It’s ironic because presumably the young hoodlums used lighters to ignite the fires that lit up London where they had the worst fires since The London Blitz of World War II.

According to Zippo’s PR agency, “Not only are these Windproof Lighters the perfect way to show your support for your favourite team, they also make ideal gifts for footie nuts.”

Based on the violence in England during the past week, the last thing we need is more nuts having lighters in their hands to start fires.

12 thoughts on “London’s Burning”

      1. You’re correct. We received an e-mail from Zippo’s PR agency in the UK this week where they were promoting the lighters. We didn’t realize the lighters had already been released last year.

        The Gaffer

        1. Normal etiquette would thus be to edit the post with a correction, no?

          Though even given that, this is a bit silly. There’s not even a connection between the riots and football. Unless anything in any way involving fire and the UK is taboo right now. Should Doctor Who be rushing to change its opening credit sequence then, since it has fire in it and is British? Perhaps Chicago Fire should issue an apology for playing Manchester United last month in case it was an inspiration for the riots. Oh, God, and just think of all the fire in the credits for Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen on Fox… that’s really embarrassing there, isn’t it?

    1. The Liverpool lighter has been dysfunctional for 20 years. You can press the little button and say “This time, this time the flame will light”, but it always splutters out just like the last time.

  1. Really? I mean, we’re tying the release of some lighters to the rioting. I mean, that’s a bit of a stretch don’t you think?

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