Can Relegated Premier League Sides Bounce Back Pt 2 — Blackpool

Part 1 – Birmingham

This week I ChampionshipTalk is looking at how each of the new Championship teams will fare starting with those relegated from the Premiership.

This piece by Conor Diggin looks at the possible fortunes of the Tangerines next season

How will Blackpool fare by Conor Diggin

Blackpool played beyond all expectations last season and even though they were relegated they earnt the respect of the nation.

Last season the nation was enticed by their all-out attacking football and ‘never say die’ attitude and there is little doubt that this will continue this season. Unfortunately I just don’t see them going up this season without some fortune in the transfer.

Ian Holloway has seen quite a few players leave this summer who will be extremely hard to replace.

Charlie Adam and David Vaughan have already left and with DJ Campbell likely to follow them to the exit, Blackpool need to make a few shrewd signings if they are to compete this season.

With Gary Taylor-Fletcher also in demand new signings are vital, Blackpool have signed Gerard Bruna and Kevin Phillips and are rumoured to be on the verge of signing Paul Ince’s son Tom from Liverpool and Barry Ferguson from Birmingham.

Ferguson could be a real capture and a perfect replacement for Vaughan however Blackpool are likely to miss Charlie Adam the most as he has been their talisman for the last two seasons. 

If Blackpool are to go up next season as I and most of the country seem to then this season’s rebuilding will need to be some of Ian Holloway’s best, but as he has shown before anything is possible.

Sadly, I can’t see Blackpool getting promoted again straight away as Blackpool need to build a new squad and get them to gel in a short period of time. However the following season could be the one and I hope it will be as I will miss watching Blackpool’s creative football and Holloway’s unique interviews in the Premier League.

3 thoughts on “Can Relegated Premier League Sides Bounce Back Pt 2 — Blackpool”

  1. Gotta say I hope you’re wrong with Blackpool, but they only just were promoted in 6th, so another promotion so soon is a lot to ask. Is there also going to be a similar series on clubs promoted from League One?

  2. Blackpool has been working hard to find replacements for the guys they lost this Summer. Losing Charlie Adam was a given once they were relegated, and his shoes are nearly impossible to fill. But I think if they can keep the nucleus of the team together, they can definitely make a run for promotion this season. DJ is likely gone, you’re right, but nothing is finalized yet. Same w/ Puncheon…we’ll just have to see. I for one will be rooting for them no matter what!

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