Newcastle United Hooligans Invade Pitch At Darlington: Video

Who said hooliganism was dead? On Friday, a small group of Newcastle United supporters invaded the pitch after the Toon scored their second goal against Darlington in a friendly (see above video).

Not only did Newcastle supporters invade the pitch in the 55th minute, but there were sickening scenes of hooligans beating up a fan and kicking him while on the ground.

The incident caused a 10-minute delay in the match.

Newcastle United Managing Director Derek Llambias made a statement on the club’s website after the incident occurred Friday. “On behalf of everyone at Newcastle United, we wholly condemn the behaviour of a number of our supporters who invaded the pitch during the second half of the club’s friendly against Darlington.

“The club will be seeking to obtain footage of the disorder from Darlington and the police and will be taking the strongest possible action against those individuals responsible for the shameful behaviour.

This behaviour is not typical of the vast majority of our fans, however this incident gives a poor impression of Newcastle United and its loyal supporters.”

Newcastle United arrive in the United States on Sunday for its 2011 US summer tour. The Premier League team are scheduled to play against Sporting Kansas City (July 20), Orlando City (July 23) and Columbus Crew (July 26).

11 thoughts on “Newcastle United Hooligans Invade Pitch At Darlington: Video”

  1. I wouldn’t call this hooliganism. Hooliganism very rarely takes place in the stadia. This seems like like drunken idiots who saw weak security, and got caught up in a moment. From this footage, the guy in the green shirt and whit cap seems to be the only aggressor and was detained by the old bill. Most wanted just to get an idiotic thrill of running on the pitch and celebrating like they where in the 11.
    I’m not condoning this, just saying hardly a high alert on the return of hooliganism. Just a a bunch of idiots who need to cool off in a cell.

    1. Tricky, if you don’t call it hooliganism, what one word would you use to describe it? I disagree with you. It’s definitely hooliganism. It’s not nearly severe as past instances of hooliganism, but it falls under the same category.

      Hooliganism hasn’t gone away. It’s just moved to outside grounds and lower leagues as well as a few isolated instances within Premier League grounds (as we saw last season).

      The Gaffer

      1. I call them idiots. The problem I have with the word hooligan is that its a loaded weapon. I understand why you used it, but its hardly tribal forces doing battle. More like too much drink and a mindless crowd mentality taking over.

        As you said, its almost gone from the top flight of English football, but when you say hooligan you get a cartoon picture of the English/British people as louts ready to rip apart stadiums and each other. And I think its important as sort of ambassadors to the English game, to not cast stigma on the game and prey of false misconceptions many have in America especially. Again I’m not saying that was your purpose, but part of why I play it down in general. I have younger cousins who like the film Green Street and think its really like that… I worry that the stereotype wins over the reality of family friendly stadia all over England… cha knoo waat i meeean..

        1. Hooliganism = tribal war? Maybe, I suppose if you’re the numbskulls at the History channel, that’s how you’d like the narrative to go. But I can see how some people would consider a bunch of drunks invading the pitch and start throwing punches at people being thrown to the ground and then run off like a bunch of cowards as hooliganism. Again, nothing to be proud of here, le grand culture aside.

      2. Totally agree with trickybrkn and Dan below this was done in good spirit and was ruined by one clown this isn’t ‘Hooliganism’.

  2. The full story is that the fans were chanting “If Sammy scores, we’re on the pitch”, he did, so some fans in good humour took to the pitch and then returned, all very funny and not what anybody except the papers would call hooliganism at a local friendly in a largely empty stadium. The players, managers and supporters all agree with that. But rather inevitably some fans took the mick and it got out of hand, quite disgracefully. It appears from the footage however that the only violence was directed at one individual, and as bad enough as it is does not warrant comparison to 1980’s hooliganism. I hope only those fans who were involved in the fight are severely punished because the game was ruined as a spectacle by some who took the joke too far. Here’s hoping the Leeds game will provide a return to the usually fantastic and well behaved away support.

  3. Aye it takes a real hard man to kick someone when they are down and cant defend themselves.

    I guess technically this would be considered hooliganism, make an example of the clown in the green shirt and give him a life time ban from every stadium in England. Its one thing to get carried away with emotions after a goal and run on the pitch its another thing to physical assault another fan.

  4. I was there on Friday evening in the Newcastle end. Whilst I do not condone the violence towards the guy in the footage, neither do I have any sympathy for him being attacked. The reason that he was attached was because when everyone else was returning to theirs seats (because they had entered the pitch in celebration) he insisted on contiuing to enter the pitch and cause a delay to the match. As he was then escorted by the security out of the stadium he was trying to get free from them and fight people in the crowd. May I add that one of the security he was tussling with was female. Had he not been fighing the security, egging people in the crwod on to fight him then this would not have happened and the match would have returned to play much faster and without any discussion of holligansim! Furthermore I feel that the security on the night was incredibly slack with people being allowed to bring glass bottles of alcohol out on to the stands, people being allowed to stand on the stairways throughout the match rather than being moved back to their seats and people being allowed to smoke inside the bar. I think the security and management of the corwd from the start of the match left alot to be desired and should be seriously addressed for future matches.

  5. Thick Geordie Tw*ts let them celebrate a goal its the only goal there gonna score against there nerth east rivals this year. ban the lot of them. or send em to the staduim of light in the colors and we’l show em what a real tear up is.

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