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LA Galaxy Unveil Third Shirt for 2011 MLS Season: Photo

la galaxy third shirt1 LA Galaxy Unveil Third Shirt for 2011 MLS Season: Photo

LA Galaxy have revealed their third shirt for the 2011 MLS season.

The new jersey, designed by Adidas, looks black in the photo but is actually a dark blue (or, as LA Galaxy are calling it, a dark blur color called “Punjab”). The trim of the shirt is in gold (LA Galaxy refer to it as “Light Oil Gold,” no joke).

“We looked at several options for our third jersey and in the end we all ended up agreeing on the same final design and color scheme. We were especially proud to see the color gold, which has been a constant throughout our club’s history, is so prominent in this new jersey,” Galaxy President Tom Payne said.

“To create the LA Galaxy’s third kit, we embraced two of the most iconic elements of Los Angeles – L.A. fashion and Hollywood style,” said Ernesto Bruce, MLS Category Manager for adidas.  “The sleek dark Punjab highlights Los Angeles style and fashion and the Light Old Gold gives the jersey a historic feel.  The LA Galaxy’s July 4 match versus the Sounders is the perfect time to debut this new kit.”

The game on July 4 between LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders will kick off at 7:30 p.m. and will be broadcast live nationally on ESPN2.

What do you think of LA Galaxy’s third shirt? Click the comments link below to share your opinion. Personally, as long as they call it black and gold instead of “Punjab” and “Light Oil Gold,” I think it’s fine. It’s a well designed shirt and definitely is something that looks fashionable to wear whether it’s on the soccer field or as casual wear.

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10 Responses to LA Galaxy Unveil Third Shirt for 2011 MLS Season: Photo

  1. dcudiplomat96 says:

    LOL goodness LOLyeah okay

  2. Rob says:

    Regardless of the over-elaborate color names, I think it’s pretty sharp on it’s own. However, I don’t see the point of having a third shirt that’s so similar to the dark blue road shirts they already have. This could’ve been an opportunity to do something much different. I know a lot of people were expecting a throwback to the pre-Beckham green and gold.

    Also, I think I saw a Real Madrid shirt that’s basically the exact same as this new Galaxy one. Adidas is already accused of cookie-cutter template design, so that’s probably not going to help.

    This was maybe a missed opportunity.

    • vic says:

      i was watching the copa america game, and i could swear the spanish announcers were saying that its sort of a rule that your team’s national jerseys have to reflect national colors. I wasnt totally hearing, and my spanish isnt the best so maybe i misheard or just made it up. They seemed to be wondering how venezuela got away with their maroon jerseys. seems like a rule mls teams should follow too. Imagine dallas cowboys w/red outfits or cosmos w/purple and pink.

    • orr_in_LA says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. A 3rd shade of blue jersey in 2 years? Are you kidding me? I thought they were going to go with silver jerseys and blue and/or gold trim or that gold they’re using in the jersey with silver and/or blue trim. How dumb do they think we are?

      I can imagine the brain storming session:

      “Ok guys, we need to come with a 3rd jersey. Who’s got any ideas?”

      “Well, the third jersey should probably be a completely different color reference than any of the current existing jerseys. I mean like just about every other pro team in all the leagues around the world.”

      “Yes, that sounds good but what about this: Let’s make the 3rd jerseay ANOTHER SHADE of the same 2 jerseys from the last couple of years. Yeah, that should work!”

      Well, i ain’t that dumb. I’ll keep my one blue jersey and keep my money.

  3. FTJ says:

    Why do the Tubesocks want to emulate Real Madrid’s jersey colors? The all white and the all black colors? Are they still trying show to that they’re the ‘Dollar Tree’ version of them?

  4. Bolacuadrada says:

    I love it. It is beautiful. Go LA Galaxy!!!!!

  5. coconutmonkey says:

    Looks pretty sharp to me. Now where’s that light blue Fire shirt!?

  6. Alex says:

    It’s nice. I like it . It’s Sharp. However I will say I can’t wait till the adidas deal ends. Never mind the sponsorship money I think clubs should be alittle more autonomous and sign their own contracts I think clubs can bring in just as much money as adidas.

    • vic says:

      i wonder how restricted the teams are in terms of various fashion items? N. Cal and on up to Seattle is crazy crazy weekend bicycle scene, and with an overdone fashion to go with- imagine even plumpish guys in spandex shorts and those tight jerseys, not to mention the old geezers who get into the act. Anyway, so bicycle jerseys would be nice for MLS teams but am surprised to find not a single team has one. I guess making stuff outside of the strictly soccer athletic frame is something perhaps even outside league directives, and would represent an entirely different contract.

    • sambo says:

      I have it on very good authority that the MLS teams can have whatever design they like – all adidas does is make it for them. adidas makes the best soccer jerseys in teh world anyway. The problem is that every MLS team wants to be Real Madrid or an Argentina so they all look like the same “cookie cutter” thing. I think Seattle is the only one that does it right and you can tell because thier jersery is so different.

      I really like the new Third. I think the Dark blue and gold is freakin sweet.

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