See How EA Sports Adapts FIFA 12 to Peter Crouch vs David Villa

The names Peter Crouch and David Villa aren’t mentioned in the same sentence very often. But in FIFA 12, scheduled for release this fall, the minds over at EA Sports have built the logic in the game so that the CPU works differently depending on who is in the box awaiting a cross — in this example, whether it’s Peter Crouch or David Villa in the box.

The interview with FIFA 12 Gameplay Producer Santiago Jaramillo focuses on the discussion of the improved decision making for CPU players and how this affects heading opportunities.

Now if only EA Sports could allow video game players to control Crouch after he scores a goal, allowing them to perform Crouch’s latest robot moves.


6 thoughts on “See How EA Sports Adapts FIFA 12 to Peter Crouch vs David Villa”

  1. So, if it's David Villa in the box the CPU has him bury it in the back of the net after one-touching it to his feet, and if it's Peter Crouch in the box the CPU has him head it over the bar?

    Pretty realistic software.

  2. The PC will be getting the same version as the consoles!


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