Man United vs Man City, 1974 and 1981: Friday Flashback Videos

A fascinating video on many levels. One, it shows how most of the pitch invaders during the 1973-74 match were kids, not adults. Two, you’ll catch Manchester fans (United or City) singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” as Tommy Docherty left the pitch. Three, it shows the decline of Manchester United and how much passion the team lacked on the pitch especially in that second half. However, City had to clear the ball off the line a couple of times to keep the scoreline. And four, it’s interesting to hear Brian Moore’s demands at the end of the presentation for fences to be added around the pitch to keep pitch invaders out.

In the above video from 1981, it marks Bryan Robson’s league debut for Manchester United. In what was eventually a draw, there were plenty of worthy highlights to savor from Maine Road.

6 thoughts on “Man United vs Man City, 1974 and 1981: Friday Flashback Videos”

  1. Robson was the original Captain, leader, legend. John Terry isn’t fit to lace Robo’s boots, they simply don’t make players like him these days.

    Ive watch that city game several times and just now noticed each team only had 1 sub. Id love to see them bring back standing at games as the atmosphere is 1000 times better.

  2. The day we put united down and all the people were singing,The day we put united down and all the bells were ringing !!!!

  3. City didn’t put anyone down that day. Birmingham City’s win made the UTd v City game irrelevant, wouldn’t matter if we won or lost we still would have got relegated.

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