Manchester United Away Shirt for 2011-2012 Season: New Photos Leaked

Manchester United will be wearing black and blue as their away shirt for the 2011-12 Premier League season, thanks to new leaked photographs that show the shirt design in detail.

The new away shirt from Manchester United and Nike features the words “Manchester United” at the back of the collar, as well as the Red Devil logo on the back of the shirt. As for the design of the shirt itself, the blue shirt is accentuated by black stripes or bands going horizontally across. With closer inspection, you can see that the black bands are also striped with black interspersed with dark blue.

While many other clubs are sticking to template designs, at least Nike has tried to do something different here.

Check out the additional photos below to see what the Manchester United home shirt looks like — in detail:

What do you think of the new shirt design? Share your opinion in the comments section below. And don’t forget, for the widest selection of Premier League shirts for all 20 teams, visit the EPL Talk Shop.

62 thoughts on “Manchester United Away Shirt for 2011-2012 Season: New Photos Leaked”

  1. If they keep up their away form from last season it would suit them down to the ground….beaten black and blue in most parts….!!! Lol.

    1. but they werent though were they? plus they won the league, so i dont see how they could be beaten black and blue in away games and win the league :S

  2. it’s cool!
    prefare it to the White which gives us bad luck all the time ( CL final in Rome & Wembley)
    here we go again RED BLACK & BLUE!!
    We are United!!

  3. Hoops go all the way around, don’t they? There are panels on the sides that don’t have the design. So, it looks to me like some stripes on the front and back, but not the sides.

  4. Looks like ol’ Malcolm Glazer took some cues from the Tampa Bay area. FC Tampa Bay has away uniforms that are very similar to these this year. They are sharp, but I must say they look, better on Man U then they do on those dopes from Tampa :)

  5. I hope this won’t be our away jersey
    Blue and black for a team that’s red black & white? F**k offfff
    A black away kit would be a lot better

  6. Yep, John learn your club history. Ignorance is what we expect from Liverpool fans who moan over a tiny bit of cyan on a 98% white shirt when they should know it was cyan and white halves taken from Everton when they left Anfield.

  7. The black one with the blue chevron was nicer, but this is still good. United will win the league at a walk this season, they’re head and shoulders above the rest of the Premiership.

  8. This is horrible!! i hate it. why in the world would they make it look like Chelsea’s home jersey?!?!?!?
    gahhh i am denial until it comes out for sure. :[
    they should just stick to black.

  9. i see it on person at a local soccer shop in sacramento, doesn’t look too bad but i still hope that is their third kit. no matter what i still will get one, Manchester united on the way 2011-2012.

  10. Somebody posted “bobbins, just like the club”. 19 league titles says it all really. How sad are these people!

    1. Footy goes around in circles. It always has one dominant side. Man U have had a good innings but I hope that their days are numbered now! Can’t stand them!

  11. This is awful, now does it mean we are moving to stanford bridge since we are mow blues…. anyway lets watch the season and hope this blue will give us good luck unlike the white jersey….

  12. I love United…. but HATE this shirt. The white one from last season is beautiful, why replace it with this hideous thing?!

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