Football League Adoption of UEFA Financial Fair Play Is Step In The Right Direction

The Football League has voted in principal to follow the UEFA financial fair play rules during the League’s annual general meeting in Cyprus.

This signals an acceptance those that owners of Football League clubs that the era of gambling with a club’s future is coming to an end and ambition should be tempered to realistic expectations.

The UEFA target is that clubs will genuinely be breaking even within three years regardless of their financial backing or position in the league.

This can only be seen as a positive as any move that could prevent clubs going out of business or suffering bleak periods of financial hardship can only benefit the game.

Sanctions on clubs would not be popular but this seems remote but the runaway spending of clubs with limited incomes must be tempered.

The UEFA fair play rules have received a mixed response in the media and will be difficult to enforce, however as a principal it is prudent for the Football League to follow a principle that signals a step in the right direction.

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