Agudelo and Beckham Star In New Adidas Viral Video

MLS stars Juan Agudelo and David Beckham join a cast of soccer superstars in a new viral video from Adidas.

The video features a medley of sights and sounds including Seattle Sounders supporters, Portland Timbers, Lionel Messi, Kaka, Kenny Cooper and others.

The new adidas Soccer “All In” TV spot premieres tonight during the Chicago Fire v. Sporting KC match on ESPN2.

It’s great to see Adidas putting MLS on a pedestal along with greats such as Messi and Kaka.

6 thoughts on “Agudelo and Beckham Star In New Adidas Viral Video”

  1. I like the use of fans in the ad, not sure I like Agudelo being prominently featured in it. Though the editing on his wonder goal from this season makes it look even cooler than it was when I first saw it.

  2. I like the video.

    Adidas is trying to sell jerseys and shoes. Beckham, Seattle and Portland will/have done that, upcoming Nat team members too, now pick your videos from there.

    Seattle probably had trouble finishing for the video much like the last two and a half seasons, so they chose the crowd instead.

    Fire-KC, yikes, ESPN should have put that one earlier in the season, huh ?

    1. “anything that can help repair the tarnished image of mls is fine by me.”

      It’s gonna take alot more than a commercial to do that

      As for the commercial I like it. Very nice way to show case mls however I think they should show this commercial on other espn slots other than mls. But I do like the commercial even though i prefer Nike over adidas. Anything over adidas that is. I long for the day where clubs can sign their own sports brand. Clubs should be able to do that it’s no different than signing a shirt deal. By 2018 hopefully mls can dump the fragile status and be stable enough to give clubs more autonomy.

      1. I agree that they should be able to sign there own kit manufacturer as well as being able to negotiate with the player and not MLS negotiating with the player.

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