The “Democracy” Of FIFA: Photo Evidence

Take a close look at the above photograph to see evidence of the “democracy” of FIFA. It’s the ballot paper for the FIFA presidential election. Not surprisingly Joseph Sepp Blatter was re-elected as FIFA President.

I haven’t written anything about the whole FIFA drama during the past few weeks because it’s a joke. It’s one of those incredibly frustrating organizations that are impervious to change. It makes me so mad and depressed that I purposely don’t write about them. But you can read posts on our sister sites MLS Talk and World Cup Buzz if you’re interested.

8 thoughts on “The “Democracy” Of FIFA: Photo Evidence”

  1. I thought they postponed the vote due to the corruption allegations and to give time for a “reform” candidate to jump in…?

    1. No postponement unfortunately. In his infinite wisdom, Blatter decided to go ahead with the election even though he was the only person running for election.

      The Gaffer

  2. For sure. It’s a shame that the FA did not step up more forcefully and sooner about this election farce. Considering England wouldn’t be realistically hosting a World during Blatter’s lifetime, the FA had nothing to lose.

      1. Andrei – That’s a bit harsh. The FA may be lethargic and clueless at times but I would hardly say they’re crooks – not on the “alleged” FIFA scale anyway.

        1. The English FA is no crook? Really? Why then were they sure that they had at least 5 votes before the voting began? Surely if you have not bought or attempted to buy any vote how then can you know in advance that so and so will vote for you? Bribing or buying vote is not just handing a bag of cash to someone to vote for you. You can buy votes in other ways too. Surely you don’t believe they go into those meetings with the “crooks” of FIFA they’ve been dealing with forever with no gift propositions of their own? I am sorry you do not bid for the rights to host the WC or the Olympics without doing anything shady i.e bribing or to put it nicely “lobbying”.

  3. The FA lacks credibility as their commitment to reform is concomitant (consonance intended) with their loss to Moscow for FIFA 2018. There’s also GB’s 4 (four) seats out of 8 (eight) @ the IAFB. A holdover from the days when “the sun never set on the British Empire.” Grondona’s rhetoric while attacking the FA was self-serving and bizarre, but there is a genuine grievance attached to it, however tangentially.

    Most of the people voting on June 1 live a cushier lifestyle than they’d ever achieve if they weren’t FIFA reps. They’re voting their lifestyle.

    It will be very interesting to read the contents of Blatter’s email to Jack Warner, which Mr. Warner will release to the public on June 5, to commemorate his absence fr/ the opening of the Gold Cup tournament.

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