Commiserations To Reading Who Can Take Pride In Final Defeat

There is no greater feeling as a fan than when your club wins a big game and the play-off final is one of the biggest and Swansea fans will be celebrating heavily tonight.

Losing however is painful and haunting and can affect the mood and emotions of even the strongest fan for weeks.
Therefore I would like to extend my commiserations to the supporters of Reading Football Club who must be inconsolable after falling heroically at Wembley.

The message from the Reading fans I have spoken to has been one of disappointment but pride in their side who battled hard in a memorable season that almost ended with gaining a place in the Premiership.

Royals fans would also be forgiven for pondering what might have been on a day where they showed tremendous character but could have won if key moments in the game gone their way.

Reading hit the post when trailing 3-2 and in the first half Shane Long missed a chance that would have on another day found its way into the net.

Defeated but not embarrassed Reading will be looking to bounce back and strive for automatic promotion next season.
I know it is little consolation but thank you for being part of one of the best finals in football and I would like to wish you the best of luck next year.

2 thoughts on “Commiserations To Reading Who Can Take Pride In Final Defeat”

  1. I especially agree with your last sentence. This is the first time I have paid much attention to the Championship, playoffs or otherwise. Next year I’ll be watching more closely. I saw great plays and great players.

    Best of luck to Reading next season. Finish 1 or 2…..then you won’t need to worry about a playoff. :-)

  2. Thanks. I knew during their run of victories leading up to the playoffs that it would still be a long shot to win and gain promotion, but I am still gutted by the loss. Living in America it has been difficult to ever see Reading play on TV, so probably as much as anything I wanted them in the Prem for that selfish reason 😉

    oh well, lets hope next year is the year.

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