FIFA 12 Gets Tough: Watch the Sneak-Preview Video

FIFA 12 will feature a new Player Impact Engine in the game which will add real-world physicality. According to the above video, it’ll show “collision variety, accuracy and momentum preservation” (whatever that means). In simpler language, we’ll get to see all of those bone-crunching tackles Vinnie Jones-style.

See for yourself by watching the above video.

4 thoughts on “FIFA 12 Gets Tough: Watch the Sneak-Preview Video”

  1. I hope they fix the dynasty mode so the manager can have some more control like being able to send out scouts to find talent and being able to better the training of the squad in goalkeeping, defense, midfield, attacking, and fitness.

    I also hope they start adding some of the soccer specific stadiums from MLS being that the game is made in North America.

  2. Looking forward to the game. Over the last two years I have taken a liking to the game and FIFA has been my stand by game. I played others, but having to put all the names in myself was a pain. I agree that the dynasty engine needs a revamp, it was okay a few years ago, then this year awful.

    My favorite feature is Ultimate Team, and I spend most of my time playing this feature. Hopefully they can make some upgrades to the online UT features, like the ability to buy packs from your computer.

    I do like this sneak video. Hopefully it is somewhat realistic, and not just a feature that will take over the game. I can see one possible problem, too many injuries because of this feature.

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