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Where to Watch Barcelona vs Manchester United On US TV

320px uefa champions league logo 2svg Where to Watch Barcelona vs Manchester United On US TV

Where can you find the 2011 Champions League Final on US TV between Manchester United and Barcelona? Here are all of the details you need:

  • When: Saturday, May 28, 2011
  • Where: Fox (in English) and Fox Deportes (in Spanish)
  • What time: 2:45pm ET
  • Pregame: Starts at 2pm ET on FOX and 1pm ET on Fox Deportes
  • Match Preview: Shown at 8pm ET on Friday, May 27 on Fox Soccer Channel

The host for the English-language coverage of the UEFA Champions League Final on Fox will be Curt Menefee, who will be joined in the studio by Eric Wynalda, Brad Friedel, Warren Barton and Christopher Sullivan. The match commentary will be conducted by Martin Tyler who will be alongside Alan Smith.

Alejandro Blanco and Daniel Brailovsky will host pregame, halftime and post-game match analysis for FOX Deportes, while Raul Orvañanos, Luis Omar Tapia, Eduardo Biscayart, and Gustavo Mendoza call the match for FSMG’s Spanish-language network.

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11 Responses to Where to Watch Barcelona vs Manchester United On US TV

  1. Pete says:

    Post game show on FSC at 5pm ET.

  2. Stacy Richardson says:

    For those of us who are too accustomed to watching soccer on obscure cable/satellite services, I’d like to emphasize that the game will be broadcast on the over-the-air Fox network, free to watch.

    I think The Simpsons will be handling the halftime show again this year. ;-)

    • The Gaffer says:

      Good point Stacy. I would recommend all readers who live in the United States to make sure your friends, neighbors and work colleagues know about this game. There’s no excuse for them not watching it and it could end up having the highest TV rating since the World Cup Final.

      The Gaffer

      • Carlo Sarci says:

        That is great news! Thank you for letting us know.

        I just confirmed it will be shown on FOX (WFLD-32 Here in Chicago) Saturday at 1 PM CST.

        Thank you FOX!

  3. MNUfan1991 says:

    For the love of the game, I hope Barcelona would can their diving and playacting.
    You cannot turn away new football fans quicker than this sort of antics.

  4. Andrew says:

    Alan Smith? Really? I agreed with Sky when they sacked Andy Gray, but I suppose I didn’t really think it through. The remaining co-commentators are utter trash and none of them have a good chemistry with Martin Tyler. Alan Smith is probably the worst, although I’d certainly be equally upset about that fool Craig Burley getting it instead.

    Here’s to hoping they sign someone over the summer who actually understands football, and not just another Cockney or Glaswegian who has twisted views on the modern game based on their false impression that everything was better “back in their day.”

  5. mike says:

    Its a disgrace for the game really a sportscaster of american football is going to comment on football,total disrespect for the game from Fox soccer. I certaily wont watch it on FSC but rather on Sky sports through veetle. I dont want to see an american comment on the game they dont know and dont resepct the game.

  6. mike says:

    Watch it in glorious HD on skysports live and exclusive. The preview stars at 12pm i bet Fox would be showing the Simpsons at that time,total idiots

  7. Haakon says:

    Please Help!
    I’m on vacation in Florida and will love to se this match but what Fox channel are showing the match here? We have several Fox channels at the appartement….

    • The Gaffer says:

      Haakon, the game is on your local FOX TV channel. The main one, the one that shows The Simpsons and other TV shows. The pregame starts at 2pm.

      Where in Florida are you?

      The Gaffer

  8. Jasonlee says:

    Mike, the game itself which starts at 2:45 PM ET will be commentated by Martin Tyler who isn’t American but one of the best English commentators around. The pregame, halftime and postgame analysis will be done by Americans. I’ll turn on Fox at 2:45 ET and turn it off when the game ends. If I want pre- or post-game analysis I’ll turn to the internet. We live in terrific times where we can do this.

    Let’s hope the game lives up to the hype.

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