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Premier League and FA Cup Saturday, Gameweek 37: Open Thread

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Photo by wkocjan

Today is probably the first day in Premier League history where we have so many early kick-offs happening at the same time on a Saturday. It’s quite common to have one or two early kick-offs around Christmas or a bank holiday, but today we have four matches all kicking off at 7:45am ET/12:45pm BST featuring:

  • Blackburn vs Manchester United,
  • Blackpool vs Bolton,
  • Sunderland vs Wolves,
  • West Brom vs Everton.

The shame is that all four games are being played at the same time. I could easily watch each one independently and enjoy one at a time. If you live in the United States, be forewarned that ESPN2′s coverage of Blackburn against Manchester United will mention several spoilers during the match commentary as they update you on the scores from the other three matches being played simultaneously. You may prefer that or not, but I just wanted to make sure you were aware of it if you planned on watching the other games later on delay. Or if you wanted to watch the Blackpool against Bolton game first, instead.

Following the Premier League matches, the FA Cup Final will kick-off live from Wembley. I’m really looking forward to this match as we can see two teams who are rich in history and who are eager to bring home a piece of silverware. Many people have complained that having the FA Cup Final at this stage of the season dilutes the importance of the game. But I believe the opposite is true. Having it today just adds to the excitement level of the season and builds up to the crescendo of next week’s final day of the Premier League season. Oftentimes I feel that once the regular season is over, some fans drop out and start getting into summer mode. And then the FA Cup Final loses its oomph. But not today.

Best of luck to Manchester City and Stoke City. Let’s hope it’s a classic FA Cup Final to remember for years to come.

And best of luck to the other Premier League teams playing in the league today. Can Man United mathematically win the title? Will Blackpool get three points to avoid relegation? Can Wolves get three crucial away points? And can West Brom finish above Aston Villa? Find out these answers and more today.

Before, during or after any of the matches today, use the comments thread below to post your rants, raves, questions or observations. We’ve only got 180 minutes of Premier League football remaining for most teams, so let’s make the most of it!

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25 Responses to Premier League and FA Cup Saturday, Gameweek 37: Open Thread

  1. The Gaffer says:

    Watching Blackpool vs Bolton and Blackburn vs Man Utd. Great games so far. I didn’t think the whole ball went over the line leading up to Blackburn’s first goal. Meanwhile, Owen Coyle has turned Zat Knight into a monster and should have been red carded for grabbing the throat of Taylor-Fletcher.

    The Gaffer

  2. The Gaffer says:

    C’MON BLACKPOOL! What a game.

    The Gaffer

  3. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Buzzing here at Wembley, Huth and Etherington start. Nuts!

  4. Sean says:

    Enjoy it while it lasts Manchester United because King Kenny is back.

    Congrats for knocking us off our perch.

  5. AZSaint says:

    Worst pre-game show ever from FSC. Why did they even bother?

    • The Gaffer says:

      I missed it (was watching the end of the Blackburn and Bolton games). Why was it so bad?

      The Gaffer

      • AZSaint says:

        1 pitchside report at 6.50am. Clearly filmed in the morning as the stadium was deserted. Totally pointless. Then another segment from London by some unknown bloke telling us he was on holiday in London for 2 weeks. And we care why exactly? Maybe 120 seconds total of build up and the rest just commercials. No coverage of the teams coming out. No Abide With Me. Just the usual drivel from FSC. Their coverage is so bad it’s laughable.

  6. Stacy Richardson says:

    To the idiots at Fox Soccer: I am absolutely appalled by the disrespect you have shown. THIS IS THE FA CUP FINAL, YOU MORONS!

  7. Shawn Hill says:

    Watching Manchester City play Stoke City now on Fox Soccer Channel (FSC) compete in the FA Cup Final. The game has started off slow, but I’m hoping that will change soon. Stoke is actually playing really well against Man City. Will be interesting to see who wins the silverware!

  8. jason says:

    FSC had the worst pre-FA Cup final show ever. They treated it like just another EPL game. Also they went “live” to Wembley for a report except it wasn’t live. It was 8 minutes before kickoff and the stadium was empty. They must think we’re idiots. I think they just put the word “live” on everything.

    Good first half and Stoke are lucky to be tied. City are dominating but have not taken their chances which could come back to haunt them. Looking forward to the second half. Huth is lucky to be still playing as he should have seen red for a blatant elbow to the neck to Ballotelli. The assistant should have seen it even if the referee missed it.

  9. Terry says:

    Man U again benefit from a referee decision for a penalty decision. That said they deserve being chmapions as they ahve been the most consistent all season long.

  10. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Poor so far lucky to still be in the game. Etherington doing nothing, Man City should have it sewn up by now.

  11. AZSaint says:

    How much did the FSC studio cost? $2.99? Or is that a bit overpriced?

  12. trickybrkn says:

    West Ham are all out out with todays results… The only hope is Wigan, Birmingham lost the last two, West Ham win the final two and Man U beat Blackpool. Birmingham play Fulham and Tottenham… you’d figure there is at least a point there for them. Wigan play West Ham and Stoke. Stoke may well have check out, figure a point.
    You’d think Wolves and above are now safe, and its the bottom 4 fighting it out for survival.

    and congrats to Man U for the title..

  13. US Stoke Fan says:

    If I have to hear about Huth’s half elbow on a flopping Italian tool I’m gonna lose it. Considering the sheer quantity of cynical tackles by Man City the fact that they haven’t gotten a card is obscene.

    • somervillain says:

      Come on, man. Huth intentionally threw a forearm shiver into an opponent’s jaw. That’s an easy red card. You’re the only person I’ve heard from who doesn’t think Huth deserved to stay on the pitch after that. How the referee missed that one boggles the mind.

  14. US Stoke Fan says:

    Balotelli doesn’t get a card there? WTF!

  15. US Stoke Fan says:

    Am I the only one that foams at the mouth whenever I see Nigel De Jong? I’m still never forgiving the guy for breaking Stuart Holden’s leg in a friendly a month before the World Cup.. I mean Holden went on to be the difference between Bolton being top half and a relegation scrap so he wouldn’t have made a difference against Ghana in a tournament that only occurs once every 3 years.

  16. US Stoke Fan says:

    Outstanding play by Jones and Hart. That a 22 million pound back in Lescott there eh?

  17. US Stoke Fan says:

    Goal Man City on a scramble in the box.. 20 million pound purchase off a 30 million pound purchase to a 20 million pound purchase.. It’s not over but for all you Man City fans celebrating.. Enjoy your champions league appearance purchased with oil money that kills our planet funding terrorists that kill our people.

  18. US Stoke Fan says:

    I apologize for that comment.. We are outmanned and outgunned at the moment.. Congrats if you hold on.

  19. Terry says:

    Congratulations to Manchester City for winning the FA Cup. The wait is over. I thought Stoke might put up a better fight but they were totally dominated. Toure has to be the best purchase in the EPL, maybe Hernandez cost less but Toure has been immense for City and he has been instrumental in getting them into the CL and now winning a trophy. For me Toure is the MVP for City. Next year could be interesting with the money they have to spend.

    I’m not a City fan but those who cry foul that City have bought their way into a trophy and the CL they are doing exactly what United or Chelsea or Spurs have beeen doing for a while. They’re just catching up.

  20. MCHobbit says:

    Hrrrmmmm . . . seems like a certain sign at Old Trafford needs to come down now.

    I wonder which one ;)

  21. somervillain says:

    Just curious of the people acting all upset about the money invested in Manchester City leading inevitably to success on the pitch are also upset every time they hear about someone winning the lottery. Or does that sort of raging jealousy over someone else’s good fortune only really exist in sports?

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