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Where to Watch the Championship Playoffs and Final Live in the U.S.

championshipnpower Where to Watch the Championship Playoffs and Final Live in the U.S.

We’re entering the final weeks of the 2010-11 season, and there’s still a lot to play for in the Premier League. But one of the biggest prizes to be decided is which club from the nPower Championship will qualify to play in the Premier League next season through the Championship play-off system.

We already know that Queens Park Rangers (QPR) and Norwich City, two classic teams, will be playing in the Premier League next season. But the competition to decide who will be the third team to be promoted begins its journey this week. With the Championship season now over, the third place team will play the sixth place team in a home and away semi-final, while the fourth place team will play the fifth place team. The two teams who advance will then play in the final where the winner will advance to the Premier League, while the loser will play in the Championship again next season.

You can just imagine how spectacular these semi-finals are as well as the final with so much on the line. The final is often more entertaining than a FA Cup Final and typically features plenty of goals and end-to-end action.

For those of us in the United States, we haven’t had the pleasure of watching these games live until recently. The Championship playoffs used to be something we’d follow on minute-by-minute text commentary or via some obscure Internet radio station. Setanta then showed some of the games while they were in business in the States. But now, thankfully, EPL Talk can reveal that Fox Soccer Plus and will show the playoff semi-finals as well as the Championship playoff final live.

Here’s the schedule of when you can watch the games:

Thursday, May 12:

  • Nottingham Forest vs Swansea City, 2:45pm ET, Fox Soccer Plus and

Friday, May 13:

  • Reading vs Cardiff City, 2:45pm ET, Fox Soccer Plus and

Monday, May 16:

  • Swansea City vs Nottingham Forest, 2:45pm ET, Fox Soccer Plus and

Tuesday, May 17:

  • Cardiff City vs Reading, 2:45pm ET, Fox Soccer Plus and

Monday, May 30:

  • Swansea City vs Reading, Fox Soccer Channel and

With all of the games being played on weekdays, may be your best bet to catch all of the action from the comfort of your desktop or laptop screen. is just $14.99 per month and also provides you with live access to most of the major Premier League matches between now and the end of the season (see schedule here). Learn more today.

Out of the four Championship teams competing to advance to the Premier League, which one would you like to see promoted to the Premier League and why? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

For more comprehensive coverage of the nPower Championship, visit our sister site Championship Talk with excellent articles by Kristian Downer.

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32 Responses to Where to Watch the Championship Playoffs and Final Live in the U.S.

  1. Chris says:

    Really rooting for Nottingham Forest — followed them the last few years for no other reason than that I started playing with them in the FIFA games back when they were still in League One and just started to get to know the team. I also follow Cardiff since it was one of the cities we visited during my trip to the UK a few years ago.

  2. ron says:

    Cardiff or Swansea. Need an excuse to travel to Wales next year! (twist my arm)

  3. Guy says:

    A great time of the year for my Fox Soccer Plus subscription! The Championship playoffs and two sets of rugby playoffs, all in HD. At least my wife will know where to find me. :-)

    And the answer is…..Swansea City, of course. Just so you can have a team in the EPL…. ;-) and the fact that my wife’s family came to the States from Swansea in 1882.

  4. MennoDaddy says:

    I’d love to see Forest back in the EPL. There’s such a massive tradition there; it’s a shame they’ve been down for so long.

    But really, I’d be content with either of the Welsh clubs, too. Just so long as it’s not Reading.

  5. harold says:

    A Cardiff-Swansea playoff final would be a police nightmare!

    I can see Reading winning promotion – then boring everyone in the Premier League to death next season

    My predictions for promotions from League 1 & 2 are Peterborough and Shrewsbury respectively

  6. bluemoon70 says:

    I’d like to see Nottingham Forest promoted since it’s been so long since they’ve been up and they were at one time one of the top clubs in England. Cardiff City also because it would be nice to see Craig Bellamy stay there and try to lead them through the EPL season.

  7. Frank says:

    Thanks gaffer. Great news that is also showing the games.

  8. Jon says:

    Forest…just for the hilarious fact that Robbie Findley could then be called a Premier League striker. O_O!

  9. IanCransonsKnees says:

    I’d go for Forest as they hit form at the right time to make 6th. That said Reading were storming until getting beat by Sheffield United. Swansea have been consistent too.

    So long as Cardiff don’t get promoted I don’t really mind.

    • ccfcblue says:

      Can I ask why you don’t want Cardiff promoted?

      • IanCransonsKnees says:

        Past history with Stoke.

        Being arrogant enough to warn the fans to stay off the pitch to allow the players to do a lap of honour whilst Stoke were still in with a shout of beating you in the play off final.

        Try not to cry watching that ccfcblue ;-)

        Also buying Peter Thorne when he was about to become the first Stoke player that I’d seen play score 100 goals for Stoke. Thorney was that well thought of he got a standing ovation after scoring a hat-trick for Cardiff against Stoke from the Stoke fans. He wouldn’t celebrate any of the goals, one of my all time Stoke City heroes.

        Kavanagh was a grey haired twat though.

  10. I’ve never had much luck with working properly, so I’ll have to DVR FSC

  11. Nick says:

    Wish they’d broadcast the games that don’t conflict with the EPL on FSC for those of us with Comcast who aren’t offered the opportunity to subscribe to Plus.

  12. James says:

    Jason, the games are on Fox Soccer Plus not FSC.

  13. Dave (dlbags) says:

    Off topic Gaffer but a great read on the problem in Rio for the upcoming World Cup and Olympics.

  14. dominjon says:

    Hey Gaffer,
    So do you know if these games will remain on for a week or is it a case of having to watch live? It seems like some of the non-premier games are not archived, hopefully these are so I can watch them later.

  15. Stacy Richardson says:

    I think it’s ridiculous that the final is not on Fox Soccer Channel.

  16. Jose says:

    The playoffs are my favorite part of the season as there is so much on the line for the team, their cities and their fans.

    Does anyone know if the league 1 and league 2 playoff’s, which start on Saturday, are going to be televised this year?

    I’d love to see a cardiff v swansea playoff final.

  17. Mike in Idaho says:

    Does anyone know if these will be in HD on DirecTV? So far their guide says no which would really annoy me. And Jose, I know in past years that Setanta showed the League 1 and league 2 playoffs but I’m not sure about FSC+.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Mike, if you have Fox Soccer Plus, you’ll be able to see the games live in HD on DirecTV.

      The Gaffer

      • Mekias says:

        I set my DVR to record the game on the SD version of FSP. As of a few hours ago, the FSPHD channel didn’t show it as available.

        Can anyone confirm whether DirecTV showed it in HD?

  18. Brian says:

    Bluebirds flying high!

  19. Dakota says:

    Cool thanks much for that info on the games..super appreciate it

  20. Jason says:

    I want Swansea to be promoted, if the gods will listen, just so that the gaffer can also feel the pain the rest of us EPL fans go through week in and week out. Losing in the Championship isn’t nearly as agonizing as in the EPL :) . Of course I wouldn’t know since Man U has never been in the Championship.

  21. Terry says:

    What a terrific game between Forest and Swansea. Too bad about the sending off so early for Swansea but they must be happy about going home all tied at zero. Still everything to play for as Forest didn’t give up an away goal. Looking forward to the return game next week. Let’s hope tomorrow’s game is as good.

    • Mike in Idaho says:

      Just an FYI, the announcer in the game yesterday said that away goals do not count as a tiebreaker in these playoffs so away goals have no extra significance. I think yesterday’s game was a disaster for Forest, they were outplayed for large stretches despite being a man up. I am afraid this will probably cost them on Monday.

  22. Craig Atton says:

    Like to see Cardiff make it…be nice to have a Welsh club competing at the top level. Plus another good reason for Bellamy to join the City side again.

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