Budweiser Reinvents Soccer With A Game Called Poolball: Video


Budweiser have released a viral video to promote its beverage to United Kingdom residents. The video introduces a new invention by Budweiser, a new sport entitled Poolball which combines the best of soccer and pool.

According to Mashable, the game combines a 7-meter, Astroturfed pool table with soccer balls made up to resemble billiard balls. The rules are also the same as pool: You have to get the balls into the pockets, though you can’t use your hands. (Your head is OK.) The idea is to combine a daytime sport with nighttime clubbing.

Watch the video to see how it turned out. It definitely looks like a lot of fun to me, but I don’t imagine I’ll be seeing any poolball tables near me anytime soon!

15 thoughts on “Budweiser Reinvents Soccer With A Game Called Poolball: Video”

  1. Sure this isn’t aimed at Aussies? Soccer isn’t really used in the UK, and Bud is served over ice and consumed by women for the most part…

  2. “the best of soccer and pool”?? Best of luck to Budweiser marketing something in the UK using the word ‘soccer’. And I’m curious where they’re going to put a 7 meter table in your average pub. Dumb.

    1. Best of luck to Budweiser marketing something in the UK using the word ‘soccer’

      I know! It reminds me of the time when Sky Sports tried to launch a light-hearted Saturday morning football talkshow with special guests, silly games and comedy features called “Soccer AM.” Obviously it was a huge failure and never really took off, because the word soccer is so wrong.

      1. I agree Dave. It’s also true about Gillette Soccer Saturday, that other Saturday show on Sky Sports which was an absolutely failure and never really took off either.

        The Gaffer

      2. haha you british are hilarious. you do realize that soccer was a widely accepted term in the UK until it caught on in America and you decided to start using football? and this game is awesome, sucks for you guys because you cant fit it in any of your shitty ‘average’ pubs. I will be making a table of my own to play in my backyard and hopefully soon there will be poolball tables popping up across the US. if you really dont think it will be popular, just look at how many Argentinians go to play every night…

  3. @Andy – you don’t see EA having any marketing problems. Also, they’re not planning to put these in pubs; as the article and video suggests, these will be put in clubs and bars (only temporarily, during the promotion / televised events), surely because this type of venue has the floorspace to accommodate the playing surface. And, yeah, it looks like fun – a bit (well, very) harsh to dismiss it as dumb.

    1. “these will be put in clubs and bars (only temporarily, during the promotion / televised events)”

      Are you sure they are even going to do that?

      I just assumed that this was like every other piece of viral marketing. In other words, it only exists on the internet and for however long it took them to shoot that spot.

  4. What an awesome ad. Now if they would only use this concept for good!
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