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FA Cup Semi-Final Preview: Stoke City vs Bolton

While Saturday’s FA Cup semi-final between Manchester United and Manchester City was tense filled with moments of creativity, many fans and pundits (myself included) predict that the semi-final match between Stoke City and Bolton Wanderers will be the more enjoyable of the two Wembley matches this weekend.

Owen Coyle’s Bolton Wanderers and Tony Pulis’s Stoke City are evenly matched sides that feature several creative players who can turn this game into a spectacle. For anyone who saw the entertaining quarter-final between Birmingham City and Bolton Wanderers, you’ll know that Bolton are a difficult team to beat and one that can create something out of nothing.

Watch the above video for a preview of the FA Cup semi-final. And vote below who you think will win tomorrow.

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5 Responses to FA Cup Semi-Final Preview: Stoke City vs Bolton

  1. Malcolm says:

    I agree that this game should be more enjoyable than the City vs United game today. There won’t be the pressure on these teams like there was for the City vs United game. Bolton play more open soccer while Stoke are more organized and their strength is in set plays and throw-ins.

    I wish it wasn’t at the same time slot as the Arsenal vs Liverpool game as that’s the one I’m planning on watching. I don’t get FS+ nor do I subscribe to anymore (I cancelled a couple of weeks ago because the games were unwatchable with all the freezing and skipping issues). I’m told both games had to be played at 4pm London time because of the London marathon. So we have two games in london at the same time. How far is Wembley from the Emirates stadium?

  2. WHL says:

    “How far is Wembley from the Emirates stadium?” About 10 miles. Take the North Circular Road, that’s probably the fastest way.

    BTW, I also cancelled my subscription to Fox Soccer TV for the same reasons. Do you think that they have any idea how poor their service is? Plenty of streams to get all the games for free anyway, Sopcast is my favorite.

  3. Yespage says:

    Been waiting for this match up for a bit now. I think both teams are equally matched up. I think Bolton has an edge, but Stoke City winning wouldn’t be unlikely. Should be a fun game.

    I watched a bit of a rugby match on this morning and it didn’t have the problems all the live/taped streams had the last couple of weeks. They better have things cleaned up.

  4. Yespage says:

    Well happy to say that was loop free and Stoke decided to pretend they were Chelsea. What a game!

  5. laslit says:

    stoke vs bolton 5-0!!!!

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