MLS Officially Names Manchester United As 2011 MLS All-Star Opponent

Photo by AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker

Major League Soccer today officially announced that Manchester United will be the opponent in the 2011 MLS All-Star game to be played at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey on July 27 at 8:30pm ET.

The game will be a rematch of the 2010 MLS All-Star Game when Manchester United were victors. It’ll be the eighth time that a MLS All-Star team has played against an international opponent. New York Red Bulls members (i.e. registered fans) will be given first priority to purchase tickets before being made available to the general public. Ticket details can be found here. The game will be televised live on ESPN and TeleFutura.

MLS Talk exclusively revealed that Manchester United would be the MLS All-Star opponent more than three weeks ago.

What are your thoughts about Manchester United being selected as the opponent for the 2011 MLS All-Star Game? Do you think the MLS All-Star team can avenge the loss they suffered last season (the first loss against an international opponent in the history of the MLS All-Star Game)? And what are your thoughts on why MLS decided to play the game at Red Bull Arena instead of the New Meadowlands Stadium? Post your opinions in the comments section below.

19 thoughts on “MLS Officially Names Manchester United As 2011 MLS All-Star Opponent”

  1. I appreciate Manchester United being willing to come and put their rep on the line by playing the MLS All-Stars. To me they have little to gain and much to lose by doing so.

  2. MikeInTn, I think what they have to gain is $2-3 million for the single game, but maybe I’m just cynical. I really doubt that if they drop the game to MLS anybody will think Man U stinks now.

  3. Don’t take it too seriously and just enjoy the game. Don’t read too much into a single game in which one team’s players don’t practice or play together normally and the other team’s players are in pre-season form.

    I’ll be looking forward to see who makes the MLS team. With 11 starters and whatever number of bench players chosen from 18 teams, this is not an easy roster to make.

  4. agreed, its for fun and to increase exposure of both MLS to eurosnobs and Man United to american fans.

    Could u imagine the starting 11 we could field tho if all goes to plan this year? Henry and Bravo up front! Damn! Donovan and Zakuani on the wings! DAMN 😛

  5. Two things.

    One, they do these friendlies for one reason. $$$$$$.
    I have been told they are a “club”, but they are are trying to make money for owners just like every corporation out there. Ugly, but truth.

    Two, Gaffer, no article on how TV ratings went up 125% from last years MLS opener ?!?!? I am shocked. Just kidding. Don’t worry there will be down games for you to write about.

  6. Don’t worry I got most of it Gaffer:

    -6 out of the 18 teams over 20k in attendance.

    -The Median attendance is 18,600, Average over 19k.

    -Portland has all but sold out the season ( less than 500 tickets available for 15 of the 17 games left )
    I would be shocked if Vancouver isn’t in the same boat.

    Great news for us MLS fans.
    One, if you are going to the games, we have all gone to empty stadium games…..the bigger the attendance the better experience.
    Two, soccer in the US is NOT a given. It seemed that way in 1980 too.

  7. Meh. Seems like a waste of time to me. They need some kind of skills competition, turn it into an all-star weekend like the NBA, NHL and MLB do. The games are lame, but the best parts are the dunk contest, 3 point shootout, home run derby, etc.

    They could come up with some cool little competitions… fastest player, goalie kick distance contest, some kind of free kick target practice, stuff to make it interesting. MLS All-Star is just a meaningless preseason game for an international club is boring and I’ve never watched one.

    Maybe play in the winter, in the offseason, against a Brazilian or Mexican team, and have the game in a non-MLS market where the weather is good(Florida, San Deigo, Arizona, etc.). That way you promote MLS in a new market, at a time when league interest is at a minimum. Plus the risk of a key player getting hurt mid-season is gone.

    1. F19 haha…ok we tried something like that back in 1996. we had what you are calling for. they had a obstical course, a hit-the-target competition (i clearly remember jamie moreno and carlos vallderama in this one) and i think a juggling and dribbling challenge too. if that was successfull for MLS/SUM, then that would still be around today.

      but alas, its not. that sort of format for a ASG just doesnt fit in soccer. most american elements to sports doesnt fit in soccer. you dont see that in American Football either (i may be wrong, correct me on that). Soccer is a sport where the skill is displayed on the field during the 90 mins, not while a spotlight is on you. apart from juggling and maybe hit the target, i dont really see how soccer can be packaged and delivered as a “allstar weekend presented by…..”. if they did it will be the fastest way to kill soccer here. me? i dont really care for MLS allstars but the way it is being runned today i think is more eniticing and entertaining than what it once was (before they had MLS World vs MLS America, MLS East vs MLS West). granted most people go to see the bigger clubs and not the mls allstars but at least MLS get to showcase their “product” against a bigger club with its reserves. plus if i was garber, id use the all stars every year as a platform for big annoucements, that way fans and media are attracted more to the game to see what the commish has to say (just like when MLS lied to everyone about a ‘Big annoucment’ and it turned out to be just RBA being the venue for the MLSASG).

  8. Actually, Everton beat the MLS All Stars in 2009 in Rio Tinto Stadium. So ManU wasn’t the first MLS All Star loss.

  9. The game will be on Galavision, not Telefutur. Can’t you guys give proper info here???

    And there won’t be Sounders or FCDs or TFC/Vancouver players on the allstar team, thanx to the CCL.

    The allstar game is an embarrassment for the league. The entire league’s allstars vs just 1 club? Are u kidding me? The league is basically saying “we suck so much, we need the top stars of the entire league to handle just 1 team”. Pathetic.

    1. I repeat- do not take the game so seriously. The MLS stars don’t play or practice together. The opposition is in pre-season. Just watch and enjoy it, or ignore it if you like. I used to be against it, but when it was in Colorado I attended and it was a lot of fun, and I’ve been for it ever since. It was very entertaining last year, and played in front of 70,000 in Houston. So it made some cash, and maybe won the Dynamo some fans.

      Shame about the Sounders and FCD players- I wish they could find a truly open date. One thing I like about our All-Star team is that the whole leage makes only one team- so 11 starters and (I assume) 11 subs from 18 teams makes for competitive selection decisions.

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