Special 1 TV: Champions League Draw Special


The puppeteers over at BBC 3 have been busy this afternoon preparing a late-breaking episode of Special 1 TV. The topic, which is on everyone’s minds today and at Special 1 TV, is the Champions League draw.

Jose, The Boy and Wenger cover the news in detail as well as getting a few laughs in here and there. I still contend they’ve jumped the shark, but call me a miserable old sod!

Enjoy the episode. Be champions! and shut up ThompsonLives!

7 thoughts on “Special 1 TV: Champions League Draw Special”

  1. Well Gaffer, I wouldn’t go so far as jumping the shark, but I do miss Sven. I can see why they’ve changed it, it probably gets tough writing for the same character time and again. But Sven is my favorite, with some classics like “Love Bucket” and “Look Sheik, I’m desperate for a job in the Middle East. The last place I’d want to end up is some s***hole like Leicester City!”

  2. I don’t know, I like it, then again I’m a gooner, and besides having Mad Jens back, gunners have had little to laugh about in the last 3 weeks, so bring on the Voyeur!

  3. Took me 15 seconds to get the Bart Simpson Joke – Brilliant!!!
    I have mixed feelings about seeing Wenger, um – Voyeur “incarnate” but not a complete disaster. I’m just happy the show is still on.

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