Special 1 TV: An Audience with Wenger


This week’s episode of Special 1 TV features a live studio audience for the first time as they hurl questions at Arsene Wenger and Jose.

The usual cast of characters are in place, but now that the introductions have been made, where does the episode go from here (has Special 1 TV jumped the shark?)

Be champions! And shut up ThompsonLives!

7 thoughts on “Special 1 TV: An Audience with Wenger”

  1. Best episode so far!!!! ……….. been laughing from start to finish and am sure that this refresh button will suffer

  2. I love this show but they reused the “wrong direction” joke on Setanta Sports about Riise’s own goal against Chelsea.

    I loved the Voyeur ripping more than I’ll like him as a host unless he turns into Sven 2.0. Still love the Voyeur rip on Sir Alex.

  3. hahahaha, let sven back! wenger’s puppet looks a little weird and i miss the times that jose would rip into him. it’ll be interesting to see where this all goes.

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