Luis Suarez Wonder Dribble Against Man United: Video

PL Player Bite: Kuyt’s Hat-Trick

Luis Suarez twisted and turned past four Manchester United defenders Sunday and then nutmegged Edwin van der Sar, which led to Dirk Kuyt tapping the ball into the net for an incredible opening goal for Liverpool.

The goal will be long remembered by Liverpool supporters as one of the best in their northwest derby against Manchester United.

Van der Sar complained to the officials that the goal should have been disallowed due to Kuyt being in an offside position, but the replay clearly showed that Kuyt was onside when he tapped the ball into the net.

18 thoughts on “Luis Suarez Wonder Dribble Against Man United: Video”

  1. Finally Liverpool have someone in attack that can dribble and has skills to go with it. The only thing negative about Suarez is that he can be hot-headed and might end up hurting his club if he gets sent off. He was lucky to escape punishment today when he grabbed hold of Fabio’s hair after Fabio went into a vicious tackle on Lucas. Still, Liverpool have a tireless worker with skill.

    1. Every team has at least one hot head, but that can be a good thing. Passion and determination for your team can be a major asset. I’ll take someone who cares and fights for his team and gets the occasional red card over someone who lacks a killer instinct.

      See the moment late in the second half when Liverpool were 3-nil up, Suarez is making another amazing run toward the goal down the right wing and into the box, he shoots, and he misses. He was genuinely upset. At 3-0 up he still had the hunger for goal. I couldn’t ask for more.

  2. yes, good assists from suarez.. Now we have new nando, but not as good as nando, soon he will surely best nando, luis suarez u’re d best……y.n.w.a

  3. Of course it’s a conspiracy. The referee obviously is using the wrong frame of reference, in van der Sar’s world, anyone who gets a goal by his ancient rear end must have been offside.

  4. looks like another attempted elbow from a man utd player about half way during video when VDS runs past kuyt.

  5. suarez, u r simply the best u’ll get even better than this. keep on and beat torres’ record 2 become a real kop hero.

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