Kuyt, Kuyt, Kuyt (Weekend Review): EPL Talk Podcast

EPL Talk Podcast Logo draftLiverpool has snapped a three derby losing streak to Manchester United, with strong performances from Dirk Kuyt, Luis Suárez and Raúl Meireles leading the Reds to a 3-1 victory over their rivals. On this edition of the EPL Talk Podcast, myself, Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurence McKenna talk about the Red Devils disappointing performance, what it means for the title race, and what the derby victory tells us about the state of Liverpool football.

We also talk about the rest of the weekend results, a difficult weekend for the league’s officials, the increasingly tight relegation battle, as well as mid-week action, where we have two Premier League fixtures along with the second leg of Champions League Round of 16 action – Arsenal at Barcelona, and Spurs home to Milan.

That along with your feedback and questions on this, the weekend review edition of the EPL Talk podcast.

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