Suggested Interview Questions Please for Michael Thomas, Arsenal Legend

One goal. One moment. One shot. One piece of history.

Michael Thomas, the man who will always be remembered as the scorer of THAT goal, the one that won Arsenal the First Division title in 1989 in the last few seconds of a match against Liverpool at Anfield.

Of course, Thomas accomplished much more than that one historic goal. He won two First Division title medals, two League Cup medals and one FA Cup medal. In addition to playing for Arsenal, he played for Liverpool, Benfica, Middlesbrough, Portsmouth and Wimbledon. He also won caps with the England national team.

Later this week I’ll have the distinct pleasure of interviewing Michael Thomas. But I need your help. Please post any suggested questions for him in the comments section below. And I’ll then pick out the best ones and will ask them to Thomas, being sure to mention your name on-air.

Thanks in advance for any and all intelligent questions.

6 thoughts on “Suggested Interview Questions Please for Michael Thomas, Arsenal Legend”

  1. I’m leboo masaa from kenya i wanna ask you
    1. Who can you say is your favourite arsenal player of all time?
    2. Looking at our current arsenal team (i say our coz i’m a die hard arsenal fan) do you think we are well prepared to challenge teams like chelsea and manchester united for silverware this season?
    3. Do you think arsenal will defeat barca in uefa later this month?
    4 and finally do you think arsenal will do well if they get a new manager?
    Thanks man.

  2. Errr…this is an off-the-wall question, but it has to beat the usual “what did it feel like to score THAT goal” that I imagine people ask him a million times:

    If I recall correctly, Michael Thomas was a relative pioneer of wearing white football boots in his later Liverpool days. I just wondered firstly (a) what brand were they and (b) who’s idea was it – the player’s or the sponsors?

  3. 1) Which current Arsenal player do you admire most, and why?
    2) Please describe your most memorable football moment that you experienced as a father/son.

  4. I recall you scoring a goal for Liverpool against Aston Villa in the FA Cup run of ’92 and during the post-match interview you said “maybe that’ll shut Jimmy up,” referring to BBC pundit Jimmy Hill. What was the story with that?

  5. Does he think his winning goal that won Arsenal the league, symbolized the beginning of the end of Liverpool’s dominance of English Football and what does think about the recent problems at the club?

    How was he received by Liverpool fans when he was transfered to Anfield and did he want to leave Arsenal?

    Did realized instantly what a cracking goal he scored, in the ’92 FA Cup final ?

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