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Poll: Which Premier League Transfer Window Signing Will Be Most Successful?

twenty pounds british notes Poll: Which Premier League Transfer Window Signing Will Be Most Successful?

Out of all of the massive signings in the January transfer window by Premier League clubs, which footballer do you think will go on to become the most successful out of the lot?

Vote below and share your opinions in the comments section.

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12 Responses to Poll: Which Premier League Transfer Window Signing Will Be Most Successful?

  1. ferdi says:

    I think torres on chelsea after that carroll on liverpool ,, they will make big impact for club!! EPL is the best!

  2. bluefanmd says:

    Suarez, really? Does anyone else rememebr someone that came out of Holland scoring goals galore, went to a certain team in Spain, left for Italy and ended up in Germany. Huntelaar had everyone saying he was going to be great. How about Alfonso Alves? He too was going to light the Premier League on fire. He couldn’t cut it in Middlesborough! I would definitely rather have a proven goal-scorer in the BPL/EPL in Fernando Torres than someone that may or may not be a success in England!

    I wonder if this poll is at all influenced by the backlash Torres is getting for leaving a club with “history” to go to Chelsea.

    I honestly think that David Luiz will end up being the best buy in this window!

  3. Jason says:

    Pound for pound it is:
    1. Bent
    2. Luiz
    3. Torres
    4. Suarez
    5. Carroll

    Bent has scored goals for every team he has played for and 18 million now looks like a bargain.
    Luiz is a terrific defender and will make improve Chelsea’s defense tremendously.
    Torres, when healthy, can score and has pace to match. How the Drogba-Torres partnership will work out is an open question.
    Suarez will find the EPL difficult to deal with. He has skill but doesn’t have the physicality needed to succeed in England.
    Carroll is just an overhyped English player that is another Heskey-type player. A good striker but not worth anywhere near 35 million. Bent is a better player and went for half the price.

  4. Leo says:

    You forgot Edin Dzeko

    • ilya says:

      Edin Dzeko didn’t make such an impact as he was running his mouth about, so I can see why he isn’t up on this list. He scored only a goal so far for City, hopefully he can rise up and produce all that he said he will in the press room.

  5. Evan says:

    Why isn’t Dzeko on that list? He has to be at least considered. But out of that list it has to be Torres.

  6. Bishopville Red says:

    I see Torres at Chelsea as a case of too much air in a balloon. Drogba will not be happy, Anelka will sulk (some more) and with an aging core and FFP rules (ha!0 coming in, Torres could quickly find himself in exactly the same situation he found at Liverpool – a world class player surrounded by has-beens and sub standard players.

    • Andrei says:

      Didn’t notice much sulking from Anelka yesterday against Sunderland. He came out very motivated and had the player of the match performance. If signing Torres keeps Anelka motivated it will be worth 50% of the 50M transfer fee.

  7. DGS says:

    Bent. Won’t make as much noise, but will continue to be one of the top scorers in the EPL.

  8. Ilya says:

    Andy Carroll for me. He proved himself at Newcastle, and with his attitude he brings with him to every game I’m sure he will leave everything on the pitch for Liverpool.

  9. Thomas says:

    Bent. Hands down.

    He’s scored at every club he’s played for. Now he’s playing with arguably the best supply line he’s had..Sure the sum looked somewhat steep for a player who “only scores goals”…but 10 years ago, without all the talk of false 9′s and player movement accross the front line, and Bent surely will be getting much more credit.

    I like the Torres signing because of his age, and of course, Drogba and Anelka getting up there in years. But it’s been pointed out that he routinely misses 1/3 of the season due to injury. I’m just not sold that he will maintain a high level of fitness all of a sudden.

    Carroll will be interesting to watch. I wonder if his hefty price tag will be warranted. I think with him you have to at least give him some time (as in a few years). To think Berbatov and Tevez were had for less is compelling. Is Carroll even close to that level? I think he’s style will work well with Liverpool as they have a lot of creative players like Suarez, Mereiles, Maxi, etc. to play off him.

  10. JC says:

    I hope it’s Bent just to spite that article from this site proclaiming that he is “everything that is wrong with English football”.

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