Atlanta Chiefs vs Manchester City, 1968: Friday Flashback Videos

This week’s episode of Friday Flashback Videos features a very rare video of a Manchester City from 1968 against the Atlanta Chiefs played at Atlanta’s Fulton-County Stadium, home to the baseball team the Atlanta Braves.

The friendly match was played just a few weeks after Manchester City had won the league championship under manager Malcolm Allison. According to Dave Brett Wasser, who found the video recording, Allison said prior to the match that the NASL was comparable to the Fourth Division in England. However, Atlanta won the match 3-2.

Apologies for the camera angle.

10 thoughts on “Atlanta Chiefs vs Manchester City, 1968: Friday Flashback Videos”

  1. You can see why the NASL was not the best of leagues. The baseball diamond exposed, Man U in town and the lower deck isn’t even a quarter filled.

    I’m old enough to have attend a NASL match in Philadelphia at Franklin Field. The Atoms was the club’s name. That same summer my soccer team went to USA V England at JFK stadium. Bobby Moore played for the USA squad made up of NASL players not the national team. My main memory was running around with my team mates in empty stadiums. Compare that to today MLS in Philadelphia, packed stadium, chanting, fired up fan base, soccer hungry…

    Its like night and day.

    Great find BTW.

    1. trickybrkn,

      It’s not United in the video. It’s Manchester’s other team. United had just won the European Cup that May, becoming the first English team to do so.

  2. gaffer, im trying to remember the amazing goal that best had playing in the nasl, he went past a couple defenders and it was like a glimpse of his young self. by the way im buying a strikers jersey for this upcoming season in ft.lauderdale.

  3. I grew up with an Atlanta Chiefs pennant on the wall of my bedroom. I attended a couple of matches at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium (no apostrophe). They had good crowds. Most of the crowd in this video is under the camera. Since it was the middle of the baseball season, the Braves’ dirt infield could not have been covered, even temporarily. The football seats for this convertible stadium were probably out, which gave the crowd on the near side great views. The seats on the far side would have been terrible.

  4. MLS was just as bad at beginning playing to quarter filled US football stadiums with the yardlines showing.Still hate that to this day,nothing worse than seeing a pitch covered w/ hashmarks, yardlines and numbers.New england still has this problem.

  5. I just saw this post and was very excited about it. I was actually there for this game. My dad, who neither liked nor understood soccer, took me. It was fun watching the “4th division” guys beat the champs. If I’m not mistaken, Manchester City lost a few other games on this tour.

  6. I also just found this and was at this game and the previous one a few weeks earlier which the Chiefs also won. My memory is that Man City lost to the Chiefs in their first game and then after winning the rest of their US tour, challenged the Chiefs to a re-match, blaming jet lag, etc. for their initial loss and certain of a victory the second time around. And then the Chief won again! It was a great night for soccer in Atlanta. I recall a picture in the Atlanta paper the next day of a British columnist who had predicted a rout posing as if he were eating his column. The Chiefs were lucky to get 10,000 to a game but I believe this one had well over 20,000 there.

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