EPL Talk Podcast Weekend Review Show, Live Stream And Open Thread

EPL Talk Podcast Logo draftThe race at the top of the Premier League tightened-up this weekend. Manchester United got a good result at White Hart Lane (0-0), but with Saturday wins by Manchester City (4-3, over Wolves) and Arsenal (0-3, at West Ham United), the league’s top three teams are within two points of each other.

To talk about that, a Sunday of local derbies along with the rest of the Premier League’s results and news, Kartik Krishnaiyer will join me at 10 p.m. BST, 5 p.m. EST for our weekly review show. We will also look back on mid-week action, look forward to this week’s FA Cup replays, as well as get caught up on what’s happening in the Championship and around Europe. But perhaps most importantly …

What do you want discussed on this edition of the EPL Talk podcast? The show is always better when you’re guiding the content, so please use the comments, Twitter, email and the UStream chat room (after the jump) to let us know where to go.

Come 10 p.m. BST, 5 p.m. EST, the show will be streaming live via EPL Talk’s Ustream page, with in-line player and chatroom embedded after the jump. Come back then to heckle and haggle, prompt and probe as the regular EPL Talk crew reviews the weekend that was.

Player and chat, after the jump …

20 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast Weekend Review Show, Live Stream And Open Thread”

  1. Will United go entire season undefeated? Is it invincible season in making? If not who do you think is most likely to hand MU their first defeat?

    1. True, this could conceivably happen (though as an Arsenal fan, I certainly hope not!)…I was wondering though, Dalglish has only brought one point from 6 and an FA Cup exit – dare I say, Hodgson would have done as well [?] anyway. Does bringing Dalglish back seem like a bad move yet, or should we give more time before passing judgment?

      1. That’s what I was thinking, too Edward. The post-Hodgson bump hasn’t come. I’ve been thinking back to these three matches asking “Would Hodgson have done better?” I don’t think so, but I think it’s worth discussin.

    2. Thanks, Andrei. They certainly navigated one of their bigger obstacles on Sunday. We’ll be sure to talk about this on the show.

      1. United wont go all season undefeated and I’m not even sure if they’ll win the title yet. They haven’t played convincingly up front yet this year.

        I’m of the belief that Rooney is still a huge concern for Ferguson. He’s not pulling his weight any more, and he looks tired. He rarely gets into the area, and doesn’t track back in the same way.

        I’d slap his ass on the bench and give Hernandez his head and see what he can do with Berbatov.

  2. How soon do Liverpool Football Club fans realize that the “the Liverpool way” is a false narrative and that they’re no different than any other football club fans and just can’t stand to be mediocre or worse? You have some of their lot saying Dalglish has brought the Liverpool way back for the Liverpool fans, i.e. Dalglish will never walk alone. Yet, some of them are also saying they won’t judge him until after 10 games (probably to stop walking with him). Some are already beginning to question Dalglish’s hiring and John Henry’s footballing ignorance.

    Say what? You’ll never walk alone is just some bullshit now?

  3. Why couldn’t a Kenny Dalglish Liverpool Football Club side beat an Everton Football Club side playing without Tim Cahill and Steven Pienaar. Has the world turned upside down?

    1. Good points, about the absences. And after taking six from Everton last season, Liverpool only got one point from them in 2010-11.

  4. Has Ian Holloway changed the way teams at the bottom of the table play on the road? Used to be, a team like Wolves would put 10 behind the ball and not pressure in the other half, but they didn’t Saturday, and you seem to see it more often than not now.
    Seems like the bigger teams (especially Chelsea) get stunned by the tactic and give the ball away plenty. Either way, more entertaining for us.

    1. I wonder how much of this we can chalk-up to Blackpool and Holloway. Roberto Martínez stuck to his guns last year and stayed up. West Brom made waves early in the season, and Owen Coyle has been the patron saint of open football even since being lionized by Wenger early last year. Is Blackpool part of a bigger trend, or are they the trend setters?

  5. How is Houllier still running Villa? Better yet, why is he being given funds for players like Makoun when the team has looked absolutely punchless under his charge this season? Villa looked awful against a Birmingham City side that has looked completely unable to score at the highest level this season, and they looked awful in the FA Cup. I can’t remember the last time they played well.

    1. I’m with you, US Stoke Fan. Have expectations around Villa Park fallen so low that they’re willing to accept this? Houllier has taken a team coming off three successive sixth place finished and has them battling relegation. Whether it’s his fault or not is almost not the right question. Villa should be asking themselves if somebody else would be doing better.

  6. Is Everton’s chairman going to do anything to help David Moyes? Cahill is out for a month in Qatar, Yakubu though ineffective is gone on loan, and Pienaar is headed out in a few weeks on a free transfer. I’ve never seen a solid side in more desperate need of a couple of strikers and wing players on loan at least but it doesn’t appear that any true help is coming.

    1. It is a bit sad to see this Everton team that was so good at the end of last season starting the likes of Leon Osman, Victor Anichebe and Jermaine Beckford in such an important match. Not that those players are necessarily bad, but if that’s all Moyes has in his toolbox it doesn’t say much for the squad.

      Yet they’re still ahead of Liverpool.

  7. Will Blackpool sell Charlie Adam? If Blackpool, the most financially disadvantaged club in the EPL, starts selling their players will Ian Holloway leave? Where would Holloway go? Considering the results he’s gotten at Blackpool I’m surprised that he hasn’t been aggressively pursued by West Ham, Villa, and Liverpool already.

    1. Good idea, talking about the Charlie Adam situation. It would see they almost have to cash in on Adam if somebody’s going to offer full value (which I would say is at least £6 million right now). It’s very difficult imagining this Blackpool team without Charlie Adam, though.

  8. My question isn’t about the matches, it’s about the podcast. Is there a way to listen to the podcast sooner? I’m on the west coast and you go live at 2 PM here. Usually, I’ve not yet caught up on the matches (like today, for example), so I don’t listen live. I’d love to be able to listen when I have though. Now it’s 9 pm PST and the podcast is either still not posted or I don’t know where to get it. :) Is there any chance you could post it earlier or is there a reason it doesn’t get on this site until much later in the night?



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