Your Chance To Vote: 2010 Major League Soccer Talk Podcast Awards

subscribe-to-podcast1Ladies and gentlemen,

It is our pleasure to announce the nominees or this year’s Soccer Academy Major League Soccer Talk Podcast Awards, our chance to honor the year’s best soccer achievements. The awards, covering 20 different areas of recognition, cover the club and international game, foreign and domestic, men’s and women’s, professional and collegiate.

On Wednesday, December 29th’s edition of the podcast, co-hosts Richard Farley and Christopher Riordan will share their choices and the award winners. On the January 5 edition of the podcast, the results of MLS Talk community polling will be shared, giving the blog’s users a chance to have their say on 2010’s best soccer moments.

Below are the 20 categories for the 2010 Major League Soccer Talk Podcast Awards, an Academy Awards-themed affair that asks you to chose this year’s Best Picture (Team), Actor (Player), Director (Coach), amongst other award. Have fun making your picks, and be sure to let everybody know where the awards have failed to list your nominee.

7 thoughts on “Your Chance To Vote: 2010 Major League Soccer Talk Podcast Awards”

  1. Goal of the year – Stuart Holden’s goal a few weeks ago. A late edition, but incredible skill and gave him international attention.

    And, for the record, I would listen to Ian Darke narrate a diaper changing. I instantly get more interested in a match when he is doing it.

    1. That was a good goal.

      Darke’s pandering is the comical part. He’s a good voice, though. It’s nice to have a variety of characters. He’s certainly a character.

  2. First all Landon’s goal will go down in history. No question about it.
    Maybe the other goals were better goals, don’t care, Landon’s will be remembered forever.

    “Stuart Holden – exceeded expectations and won a regular place at Bolton”

    You honestly think that one of the MLS best 11 in 2009 couldn’t start for Bolton ?
    That was “exceeding expections” ? Do you watch MLS ?

    It is like living in a weird reality. Landon does well at Everton and people can’t stop talking about it. Oh my gosh, he IS good enough….in fact, he was one of the better players….I would have never thought that ! Wow, imagine that.
    Now Stuart does well and UK teams are giving Findley a contract, Buddle a trial, and DeRo a “free training session”.
    First of all, not sure why two of those three, but that might be explained by the fact that they don’t seem to know what is going on.

    Wake up people, there is a good league starting in 3 1/2 months !

  3. Ian Darke lark … that was great. This should be an award every year. He does crack me up with the way he quickly becomes fixated on a particular issue.

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