Can Postponements Have A Positive Effect On Scunthorpe United?

Watford/Scunthorpe Championship 23.10.10 Photo: Tim Parker Fotosports International Martyn Woolford Scunthorpe celebrates 2nd goal with team mates Photo via Newscom

This Christmas will not have been a happy one for Scunthorpe or their fans, despite being unbeaten since their last defeat on the 4th of December; they have slipped into the relegation places.

A three week unbeaten record may sound impressive however, Scunthorpe are unbeaten as they have been unable to play since a 3-0 defeat away at Millwall in the first week of December.

With a stadium that has not grown with their rise through the leagues to England’s second tier, Scunthorpe’s Glanford Park is more susceptible to the weather than most of the grounds in the league.

This coupled with the seasonable weather that has gripped the U.K, has meant that scheduled games against Nottingham Forest, Portsmouth and now Preston have all surrendered to a little bit of cold weather.

This could be interpreted as highly frustrating or welcome relief for a side that has lost its last five competitive matches, a pessimistic looking at the cancellation of these fixtures would say that this would have been a perfect opportunity to recapture some form and stay out of the drop zone.

Instead such a pessimist would  argue that morale will plummet further as the Irons are now in the relegation zone where many of the pundits believed they will occupy at the end of the season.

However an optimist will say that whilst Scunthorpe are now in the relegation zone, they have had Christmas to train and gain fitness whilst other teams have had to adapt to a hectic Christmas schedule. The team’s position is precarious but this rest could provide the catalyst that will allow the team to reverse some truly terrible form and get their battle for survival back on track.

So should Scunthorpe fans be happy to have a break and chance to regroup (the bright side) or see the Christmas period as a lost opportunity?

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