Carlos Tevez Withdraws Transfer Request And Commits Future to Man City

Carlos Tevez Manchester City 2010/11 Manchester City V Bolton Wanderers (1-0) 04/12/10 Premier League Photo: Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Carlos Tevez has formally withdrawn his transfer request and has committed his future to Manchester City, the club revealed today.

Manchester City confirmed that Tevez and the club have completed “clear the air” talks with Tevez. And that during the meeting “Carlos expressed his absolute commitment to the Club and formally withdrew his transfer request. Carlos’ contract remains unchanged and both Carlos and the Football Club are keen to focus on the opportunities that lie ahead.”

In a prepared statement, manager Roberto Mancini revealed:

“Carlos is a world class player whose contribution since he joined the Club has been invaluable. I am pleased that we are now able to focus on pure football matters and to be able to look forward to Carlos continuing to play a significant role in the Club’s progress.”

Now that Tevez’s near-term future is at Manchester City, it’ll be interesting to see if a rejuvenated Tevez plays a major role in City’s game this evening versus Everton (3pm ET/8pm GMT).

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  1. I need to find somewhere to vent, but man did kolo toure suck tonight. Worst player by far for City, dang what incompetance. Why do you pay idiots like that so much money, when there are poor starving children in this world.

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