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Watch BBC Panorama: ‘FIFA’s Dirty Secrets’ [VIDEO]

panorama 600x333 Watch BBC Panorama: FIFA’s Dirty Secrets [VIDEO]

If you haven’t seen the BBC Panorama episode about FIFA corruption or you want to see it again, here it is.

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday and he hadn’t seen it. And I then realized that many of the readers of EPL Talk may not have seen it either, so I decided to post the videos.Apologies for the delay, but the video was released while I was on holiday.

I find the documentary fascinating. One reason is because of a question it raises. What would you rather have? A free press or a World Cup on your soil thanks to a sympathetic press who is willing to ignore indiscretions for the common good of the country? While the British media is far from perfect, it is one of the things that we Brits pride ourselves on (the tabloid journalists excepted). Personally, I’d rather see news organizations such as The Sunday Times and BBC carrying on with their investigative journalism instead of silencing them for a chance of a future World Cup.

What do you think? And what are your thoughts about the documentary? Share them in the comments section below.


Mobile app users, watch the video here.

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6 Responses to Watch BBC Panorama: ‘FIFA’s Dirty Secrets’ [VIDEO]

  1. Joe says:

    Very interesting stuff. I think the key part is when Jennings said they tried to prosecute FIFA a few years ago, but “commercial bribes” were not illegal in Switzerland at the time. They can get away with this stuff because the places where the money ends up (Switzerland, Liechtenstein) do not care to prosecute them.

    So what’s the solution really? International Court at the Hague? I know someone on here will probably say nations should boycott FIFA, but they would stand to lose massive amounts of money that way. Most countries would rather play by sh*tty rules than not play at all.

  2. i really enjoyed this programme and the facts they discovered but the guy presenting it is a bit of a prat and his style was too agressive so FIFa officals refused to answer his question

    • Joe says:

      Agreed. I think his constant shouting at the FIFA guys from 50 feet away made for amusing television, but what exactly does it achieve? If you have all this evidence, try to find a court or lawyer to prosecute with it. FIFA officials will never answer questions about this stuff until they’re forced to by a court of law.

  3. pacificStyle says:

    Free press dawg – hands down! Nothing strengthens public aptitude and objective reasoning better than a free press. Way to go BBC! Fox News need to take lessons from ya’ll. Thanks for posting the vids too.

  4. Erich B. says:

    Thanks for sharing, Gaffer. Definitely lights fuel to the fire over why 2018 & 2022 were awarded as they were.

  5. Patrick says:

    The death of the octopus now seems incredibly suspicious to me. After he picked England, did FIFA/Putin/Rusian mafia decide to shut him up for good???

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