Special 1 TV: The Truth (Video)

In the latest episode of Special 1 TV, a few good men star to deconstruct the past week in football. Everything from the sensational 5-0 win by Barcelona against Real Madrid (which I watched live on TV aboard a cruise ship, which was quite surreal) and how Jose Mourinho dealt with the massive defeat to even a focus on a rare win for Sven’s Leicester City.

While a few recent episodes have dipped in form just like Real Madrid did earlier this week, this episode helps the show get back to its best.

Be champions!

6 thoughts on “Special 1 TV: The Truth (Video)”

  1. “A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man not perfected without trials, and a rat that gnaws at a cats tail invites destruction.”

    “What the…?!?”

    “Be champions!”

    LOL…a new classic!

  2. Anyone know where to get Be Champions or any Special 1 TV shirts?

    I Googled it but the only thing I found is that in 2009 some Who Are Ya site was doing them but nothing nowadays.

    Anyone know of any place?

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