Premier League Links Of The Day: December 1, 2010

Here’s the links:

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One thought on “Premier League Links Of The Day: December 1, 2010”

  1. nothing in the world is as pleasing as listening to the East End giving ManU it big time. and it may have been in a pointless cup match, but in a season where West Ham have been rightly the punchline far too often, it was a good release. So Thank Man U for being the worst I have ever seen then. If you look at the stats of the match, it would look on paper as if it where close, But once Johnny Spector scored it was over. Spector who coundn’t break the USA squad, couldn’t break the bench most of the season of the team bottom of the table showed them up, Thrice. well Twice. Cole scored two and he is battling for his spot as well… add snow in the last day in November in London. It was other worldly.

    And That is why you support a club like West Ham over Man U, cause winning a game like this means something and the feeling is amazing v expected.

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