English Premier League Weekend Preview: EPL Talk Podcast

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We go into the 16th match day with a new outlook in the title race. Only a couple of weeks ago we were narrowing our eyes toward the two team race. Now our whites are exposed to five at the top in what is playing out as an unprecedentedly open title race.

On this edition of the EPL Talk Podcast, co-host Laurence McKenna and myself graze across this Huxleyian landscape and try to provide a map for the coming weekend. Along the way, we talk some Carling Cup, gab about squad news, pontificate on the England media’s Beckham adoration, and reveal who was on the back of our first jerseys.

We might talk about the World Cup bids, too. Not much, though. On this show, we try to focus on league. It’s the latest edition of the EPL Talk Podcast.

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