Bayern Munich Announce Profits For 09/10 Season

Bayern Munich Are In The Money.

I’m not the best with numbers, but it’s not hard to see when a club is in financial turmoil. Portsmouth and Leeds are two prime examples, while Manchester City, Barcelona and Real Madrid have shown the world what it means to have debt. Well, it’s a totally different story for Bayern Munich and that’s something they can be especially proud of. Here’s what the Bayern Munich higher-ups had to say after announcing the club’s financial figures for the 09/10 season:

“Our sporting success has ensured we’ve yet again made a profit. FC Bayern is ideally placed to face the future with equity capital at 65.1 percent, or €206.4 million. It means our club is and remains financially independent and unaffected by market fluctuations.”

It’s fantastic news for the club and for it’s fans, who can be confident in knowing that their club will be able to compete at the highest level for years and years to come without taking out large debts or becoming dependent on a sugar daddy-type owner.

In the transfer market, Bayern Munich will be able to compete with the likes of Manchester City, Real Madrid, Chelsea and any other big club in the world without going backwards financially. It’s a great accomplishment, especially in today’s game, to be both financially independent and competitive at the highest level. Here’s a little snippet from the Bayern Munich website to give you an idea of how far the club has come, even from two years ago:

FC Bayern München AG posted turnover of €312.0 million, up by almost 16 percent on 2008-9 (€268.7 million). Profit after tax rose some 20 percent to €2.9 million (2008-9: €2.5 million). Operating profit (Ebitda) rose to €61.2 million (2008-9: €45.0 million). FC Bayern München AG boasts equity capital totalling €206.4 million (€2008-9: 177.5 million).


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