Carlos Tevez Stars In Bizarre Pepsi Commercial: Video


Every once in a while I come across something so bizarre that I have to share it with you. This time it’s a strange Pepsi TV commercial featuring Carlos Tevez (or should I say Sir Charles Tevez?).

I’m not sure which is more surreal.. Carlos Tevez’s awful English or his partner who is at the podium with him.

Tip of the hat to ONTD Football for uncovering this gem.

6 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez Stars In Bizarre Pepsi Commercial: Video”

  1. The parther calls Eber Ludueña. He’s a fictional character so popular in argentine TV. The character was a violent player in the 80’s (like Vinnie Jones, or maybe worst, I think) and tells funny stories when he played in a lower leagues in Argentina. Ludueña appeared several times with Maradona, Messi and another players.
    I hope you can understand me. My English isn’t good!

  2. Bizzare? Gaffer – I was expecting to see Tevez drinking a pepsi out of a monkey’s a… or something. I Think Eber (thanks Luciano) stole the show.

  3. YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF MOORONS, obviously you have not been to Argentina let alone South America. The Pepsi add is a typical fun and wacky Argentine style commercial, I found it very refreshing and amusing.

    Well Done Tevez

  4. Hmm, a bit harsh calling people morons simply because they’ve not stepped foot in a certain continent. I preferred Luciano’s informative approach…

    Not sure about “Well done, Tevez”, either – here’s a man complaining that “…my body is feeling it. I am tired” – perhaps he could try spending less time in TV studios…

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